New York Post-Surgical Home Care
New York Post-Surgical Home Care
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New York City Home Nursing Care

Jill Tucker Nursing is an in home health care service offering the highest quality
private nurses and health care professionals to a discerning clientele.

Jill Tucker is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience providing nursing care to prestigious families and distinguished individuals in New York City and Washington DC. Over the course of her career, working alongside preeminent surgeons in the finest medical offices, she has carefully hand picked and established her specialized staff of healthcare professionals.

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Private duty nurses and licensed professionals are available for short-term and in home nurse cases, for long-term ongoing assignments, and for hotel patient visits.

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Services include:
New York Post-Surgical Home Care  Home Nurse Care
 Private Hospital Care
 Post-op Surgical Care
 Pick Up and Nurse Escort
New York Post-Surgical Home Care  Breast Reconstruction Recovery
 Plastic Surgery Recovery
 Cosmetic Surgery Preparation
 Breast Augmentation Recovery
 Bariatric Surgery Recovery
New York Post-Surgical Home Care  IVF IM Injections
 IV Therapy
 Lyme Disease IV Infusions
New York Post-Surgical Home Care  Neonatal Care
 Orthopedic Surgery Recovery
  Hand and Foot Surgery
  Knee and Hip Replacement
 Rehabilitation and Aftercare
 Temporary or Long-Term Nursing
 Elder Care and Senior Patient Care
  Care for Patients with
  Alzheimer's and Dementia

 Home Companion Care
New York Post-Surgical Home Care Personalized Scheduling
Flexible Rates For Extended Care

Direct Access to Nurse-Owner

*Specialists in Nursing Care for Abdominolplasty, Rhinoplasty, Facelift patients and Mommy Makeovers


“Compassion and concern are cornerstones of premier nursing care. Nurses must not only understand and address the physiological needs of their patients, but the best nurses can also grasp the emotional and psychological issues their patients are undergoing. Jill Tucker Nursing Services has has been proud to provide post-operative care to individuals who elected to make important life changes—the only bias being the desire for a healthier and happier patient.
American College of Physicians Pushes for Transgender Rights
New York City Home Nursing Care Healthline.Com   May 11, 2015
“Reviews are a good guide to finding the service that is best for you. Jill Tucker Nursing has received dozens of positive reviews—sincere testimonials and honest thanks from patients and clients. See them all on the Jill Tucker Nursing Testimonials page.
Yelp Adds Emergency Room Wait Times to Its Hospital Review Pages
New York City Home Nursing Care Time.Com   August 5, 2015
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“Facing an involved shoulder surgery, not having any support and expressing anxiety about my post-op situation, my surgeon’s office recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Services. Jill was an absolute boon to me. She walked me through what to expect and need, days 1 through 3 and then days 4 through 7...” (More)

“I found myself in the situation of needing urgent outpatient spinal surgery in New York, where I didn't have anyone I could call on to help me from the hospital, or stay with me for the crucial 24 hour period afterwards. I found Jill Tucker and her website and called Jill, who was immediately able to find the perfect nurse...” (More)

“I was beside myself with worry and fear. But, after I talked to Jill, a very human voice of reason, and comfort, I felt in control again. Jill Tucker Nursing made a big difference to me and that will be remembered. Don’t ever think that the word ‛caring’ has been removed from the dictionary!...” (More)

“When it came time for my latest “tune up” I knew right away I would take advantage of Jill Tucker Nursing’s after care once again. Her nurses are the creme de la creme. And Jill is a complete gem...” (More)

Health care professionals include Registered Nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s, Visiting Nurses, Home Health Aides, Medical Assistants, Home Companions and Therapists, and are available for home or travel. All health care professionals are licensed and certified. Services available in the NYC Metro area, Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Jill Tucker Nursing care is customized and enhanced for individual needs. Medical conditions are assessed and options and procedures are discussed. Pre-operative consultations aid in reducing stress and help to inform the patient. Preventative care and preparation for surgery is addressed. Medical facilities, health history and alternative care options are analyzed and discussed. All aspects of health care coverage is carefully coordinated and overseen by Jill Tucker, with the needs of the patient always placed first. Communication, compassion and privacy are a top priority.

In addition to home health care services, Jill Tucker Nursing also provides services to international travelers and business professionals. Nursing Services are available to guests staying at the finest five-star hotels in Manhattan and Washington DC. Clients who have used Jill Tucker Nursing's white glove nursing services include CEO's, celebrities, royalty and other notable figures from around the world. Each patient is accorded the finest individualized nursing care in the most discrete and personal manner.

Jill Tucker is a Registered Nurse with a BS in Nursing from DePaul University. Jill Tucker Nursing Services offers the finest experienced health care professionals for all nursing needs. Staff and services are available in the New York metropolitan area (including Manhattan, Westchester, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut), Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

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