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Testimonials for Jill Tucker Nursing Services

Jill Tucker, RN says:
Healthcare professionals Increasingly are recommending that patients receive treatment at home – as an alternative to hospital visits and hospital stays. After surgery or a procedure, patients can consider using a specialized private nurse from Jill Tucker Nursing to provide complete care during the recovery period – in the comfort and cleanliness of the patient’s home. Avoid the complications and potential issues that come with extended time spent in the hospital and contact Jill Tucker to arrange for an experienced Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant for one-on-one superb, personalized care at home.”
From The ER To Inpatient Care — At Home  March 6, 2018

“Specialization is re-shaping the hospital industry – that’s the kind of detailed care that Jill Tucker Nursing has long practiced. Jill Tucker utilizes the most accomplished nurses – from areas such as orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation, plastic and reconstructive surgery recovery, geriatric care – and assigns each nurse based on their speciality and the particular needs of the patient. Detail-oriented and focused on providing superior nursing care: Jill Tucker specializes in supplying the most qualified nurses to assure the best patient outcome.”
What The Hospitals Of The Future Look Like  February 25, 2018

“When additional care is needed following a procedure in a hospital, consider arranging for a private nurse to provide care in your home and skip that extended hospital stay. The private care is one-on-one in the comfort and safety of your own home; the nurse is specifically chosen based on your medical recovery needs. Avoid the dangers of a hospital stay and contact Jill Tucker Nursing to arrange private home care after your surgery or procedure.”
Report: Some Hospital Infection Rates Too High  February 3, 2018

“Concierge services continue to grow, catering to the demanding needs of important clientele. Many of these new services simply add ‘concierge’ to their business description–akin to mere window dressing. With over 20 years of experience providing specialized, high-end nursing care for patients that range from executives to celebrities to royalty, Jill Tucker Nursing has been engaging in the business of concierge care long before the term was ever in vogue. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange for discrete and superior care from her select staff of nurses and heath care professionals.”
Concierge Service Tapping Into A Market Set To Grow Substantially  December 17, 2017

“Gender reassignment surgery continues to grow as a lifestyle choice as more people put aside any stigma associated with transgender medicine and seek to bring out their true inner selves. Facial feminization surgery is a large component of the transition process and nurses with Jill Tucker Nursing have extensive experience providing post-operative care for patients who have undergone this sensitive procedure. The nurses not only come with solid hands-on experience caring for FFS patients, they also have the professional sensitivity and compassion to ease patients through this important step. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange for pre-op consultation and post-op care for the most successful surgical results.”
Facial Surgery Could Transform Tami — And Transgender Medicine  November 27, 2017

“Registered nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing Services, trained in IVF treatment and experienced working with IVF patients, will allay fears and concerns surrounding the in vitro fertilization experience. One nurse is assigned for daily home visits to administer shots, per the shot schedule, for as many days as required, as well as the trigger shot. Knowledgeable nurses will answer questions and address any issues, assisting the patient each day on the steps leading to a successful pregnancy. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange a private nurse to provide professional and thoughtful guidance through the entire IVF process.”
What IVF Really Feels Like  November 2, 2017

“ 'Nurse entrepreneurs reported that factors related to psychological empowerment, such as meaning/purpose, having an impact, need for growth, and getting to make decisions, were critical motivators in the decision to start a business.' Jill Tucker felt this urge and saw a need for highly personalized nursing care. Combined with access to some of the top nurses in New York and Washington, she established her concierge nursing service that caters to discerning individuals and families seeking superior private care.”
The Nurse Entrepreneur: Empowerment Needs, Challenges, And Self-Care Practices
Dove Medical Press  

“Caregivers with Jill Tucker Nursing Services have followed this rule for the entirety of their careers: Use compassion and empathy, along with an acute acquired intelligence, to be fully sensitive to a patient’s cultural beliefs, values and language. Working within the country’s most renowned health care institutions, highly experienced nurses from Tucker Nursing Services understand that communication and engagement with the patient facilitates a smooth and rapid recovery, and strengthens the healing bond between the patient and caregiver.”
Nursing’s Ethical Commitment To Effective Patient Communication  

“Jill Tucker began her nursing career at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, working alongside the best orthopedic surgeons and nurses to provide care to patients undergoing a number of surgical procedures. Today, Jill Tucker Nursing Services draws from the pool of nursing talent currently affiliated with HSS, recently ranked as the top Adult Orthopedics Hospital in the country. Patients recovering from orthopedic surgery seeking private care from the most experienced nurses in New York City can contact Jill Tucker to make arrangements.”
Best Hospitals For Orthopedics  August 8, 2017

“Every day can be Independence Day! Be independent of the institutional health care system and get the greatest value from your health care investment. Call Jill Tucker Nursing Services to schedule home nurse visits or to arrange long term care. Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants will come to your home according to your timetable and needs. Caregivers are specifically chosen based on each patient’s medical condition—experienced nurse specialists can be assigned to recover patients who undergo any nature of surgery. Exercise your freedom of choice and contact Jill Tucker for the highest-quality home health care.”
Is Value-based Care Making A Difference?  June 2017

“Happy nurses make for healthy patients. Jill Tucker has maintained long-standing relationships with many nursing professionals, placing each specialized care worker in a setting that is ideally suited for nurse and patient. It is not unusual for returning clients to ask for, and to receive, a particular Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant that had provided care in the past. Keeping nurses active, engaged and properly situated helps Jill Tucker Nursing Services attract and retain the premier health care talent in New York and Washington DC.”
Three Keys to Unlocking Nursing Excellence  March 2017

“Concierge health care is a term that has arisen the past few years as patient requirements have evolved. But long before the term became mainstream Jill Tucker has been practicing this nature of nursing care. For over 30 years Jill Tucker Nursing Services has worked closely with patients, families and executive assistants, hand-picking each specialized nurse and organizing care and treatment that follows the exacting needs of the client. Patients have direct access to Jill Tucker during the entirety of the planning and recuperation, secure with the knowledge that their healthcare is being meticulously monitored and carefully calibrated by Jill. Whether it’s called boutique, white glove, or elite, private nursing care arranged by Jill Tucker Nursing is the premium care the most demanding patients deserve.”
‘Concierge Care’ Provides a Patient-First Health Benefits Approach  October 2016

“Nurses have an innate tendency to care—it’s what they do. So it’s not surprising that nurses find time in their busy lives to volunteer in their communities, spreading cheer and good will outside of the hospital and home setting. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services understand the importance of community—coming together and caring about the people and places closest to them. During Nurses Week please remember how nurses have the ability to make everything look and feel better.”
How Nurses Are Caring For Their Communities  May 8, 2017

Response time can be critical in dealing with health-related issues. Knowing that an experienced nurse can be by your side within the hour can bring immediate relief and comfort to an individual and a family. Jill Tucker Nursing’s private network of nurse professionals, assembled over 30 years from the ranks of New York City’s finest healthcare workers, are available 24 hours a day to assess health care needs, provide to-the-moment care, and impart important information. Jill Tucker Nursing Services are in New York and Washington DC for timely and considered home nursing care.”
The Importance Of Response Time In The Service Industry  April 2017

Studies have shown that home-based post-surgical recovery can be as effective as recovery and rehabilitation in the hospital. With the assistance of experienced care givers such as a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant from Jill Tucker Nursing Services, post-operative recovery at home can be comfortable, confidential and problem-free. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange for a private nurse to assist with care following surgery.”
Home Rehabilitation After Knee Surgery as Effective as Hospitalization  March 29, 2017

“There are many factors to help patients achieve a full recovery following orthopedic surgery. As this helpful article points out—don’t go it alone. Arrange for private post-operative nursing care and an experienced RN or Certified Nursing Assistant will be in your home to assist and monitor your vital signs, medication and movement. Nurses will make sure you stay safely on your path to progress, including accompanying you for follow-up visits to the doctor. Talk to Jill Tucker Nursing Services and reserve a specialized nurse or CNA to assure a rapid and thorough recovery.”
Maximizing Motivation During Recovery From Orthopedic Surgery  January 2017

“Along with other important tips in this article, following knee replacement surgery, the author places great value on having a caregiver in the home during recuperation. The presence of a health care professional gives the patient more time to rest and gain strength, and a nurse or CNA can assist with pain medication management, food preparation, and small tasks, allowing the patient to fully focus on a rapid and complete recovery.”
Why I Got Knee Replacement Surgery and How it Helped Me Get My Life Back  February 2017

“Physicians estimate that 25 to 30 percent of transgender people have some kind of surgery as part of their transition. Nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing are experienced in providing care to transgender patients. In addition to the clinical skills required to care for patients recovering from genital surgery, breast augmentation or facial feminization, the nurses come with the necessary compassion, knowledge and positive attitude to help guide patients through a sometimes difficult recovery period.”
One Teen’s Journey Through Gender Confirmation Surgery  January 6, 2017

“Private nursing care at home can assist with many of the suggestions outlined in this article, including: medication management and scheduling, physical therapy and safe movement, nutrition guidance and food preparation, careful monitoring during the recovery period, and as a medical facilitator between the doctor’s office and home. Schedule a registered nurse or certified nursing assistant in advance of your surgery to reap the full recuperative benefits of personalized home nurse care.”
How To Prepare For A Smooth Post-Hospital Recovery At Home  January 11, 2017

Plastic Surgery Care Experience

“Large health care institutions are just beginning to recognize the importance of understanding the full patient experience. Knowing the patient’s intimate needs and preferences has always been part of the preparatory care provided by Jill Tucker Nursing, resulting in a more comfortable post-surgical period and a more rapid recovery.”
The Hidden Patient Experience  December 2016

“Hospitals waste little time in ushering patients out the door—so it is imperative to have the best nursing care to assure a full and rapid recovery. Arrange to have a Registered Nurse as a safe escort home and for care in the days immediately after discharge. A Certified Nursing Assistant can followup as the need for post-operative care decreases. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing to organize personalized private care from the hospital to the home.”
Before You Leave The Hospital, Figure Out What Help You’ll Need At Home  November 14, 2016

“Internet technology continues to grow as an important tool in health care innovation and great rewards are promised for the future. But a human mind is still required to interpret and prioritize data, and the human touch is still important in the patient recovery process. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services are trained in the latest technology and also have years of experience working closely and intimately with patients and their families. Arrange for nursing coverage in the home, hospital or hotel with Jill Tucker and be guaranteed thoughtful insight and hands-on care that will optimize the recovery process.”
National Health IT Week 2016 kicks off Monday  September 20, 2016

“Teamwork among health care professionals assures quality of care and helps reduce recovery time. Jill Tucker Nursing Services assigns nurses who have previously worked together to provide 24-hour and/or long-term team care to private clients. Nurses skilled in orthopedic surgery recovery, plastic surgery recovery or home companion care come together to provide continuous and seamless care. The nurses are experts in their field, the communication is clear, and the team acts as one to assure the full and rapid recovery of the patient.”
Successful Organizations Emphasize and Promote Teamwork  August 4, 2016

Recent studies show that cardiac care patients benefit greatly from having home private nursing care in the days immediately after release from the hospital. The combination of a visit to the doctor and multiple home nursing visits in the week following discharge reduced the probability of readmission (for heart failure patients) by roughly eight percentage points.”
Front-loaded Home Care and Office Visits May Reduce Heart Failure Readmissions  August 11, 2016

“Patients often travel to the United States from their home countries to receive the best surgical treatment and premier post-surgical nursing care. Jill Tucker Nursing is proud to feature a number of health care professionals who are either bilingual or adept in multiple languages. Communicating with patients allows for greater attention to detail in nursing care and recovery, and understanding the culture and background of the patient creates a more comfortable and healing environment.”
Benefits of Hiring a Bilingual Employee  September 3, 2015

“Post-operative recovery from spinal surgery can be involved—from issues of nutrition to ambulation to surgical incision care. Nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing are experienced in caring for patients rehabilitating from orthopedic surgeries, starting by accompanying patients home from the hospital, assuring their comfort and overseeing a thorough recovery program. Keeping patients ambulating speeds healing, encourages blood flow and reduces the possibility of blood clots. Surgical dressing, stitches and incisions are monitored as healing progresses. And nurses can work with PT professionals to help patients build strength and increase movement.”
Post-Operative Care: Activity, Incision Care, Rehab and Recovery  June 9, 2016

“Executive Assistants and Family Personal Assistants often reach out to Jill Tucker Nursing Services when specialized care is required for their clients. Jill Tucker and her staff of nursing professionals are experienced with providing care for prestigious clientele, and intuitively understand the need for privacy and discretion. Whether serving as nurse travel companions for clients flying between homes, or acting as the primary home-based nurse in a household’s staff, nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing give the charges of Executive Assistants and Family Personal Assistants the quality of care they deserve and expect.”
The New Face Of Elite Concierge Healthcare  May 24, 2016

“Create a calm and enabling atmosphere by having a Registered Nurse administer IVF injections in your own home according to your own schedule. Jill Tucker Nurses, experienced in caring for IVF patients, bring poise and personal touch that allays the anxiety associated with the IVF process. Put your family’s future in capable hands and arrange for nursing care from Jill Tucker Nursing Services.”
Turns Out, Getting Pregnant Using IVF Is Actually Really Awkward  April 19, 2016

“Nurses often have to make ‘cold calls’ : such as assuming care for a patient newly distraught by a diagnosis, or being the first face a patient sees coming out of surgery. At times like these sensitivity and empathy are of utmost importance—the kind of traits found in the care givers of Jill Tucker Nursing Services. Maintaining professionalism while thoughtfully monitoring the nuances in each patient’s special case, the best nurses handle a ‘cold call’ with warmth, understanding and guidance.”
‘Cold Calls’: Tips for Nurses When the Patient Just Got the Bad News  March 29, 2016

Arrange for a private nurse to administer IV treatment in your home, and skip return visits to the hospital. Avoid the waiting and paperwork required in hospital visits and remain at home in a clean and safer environment. Receiving treatment at home from a familiar face — a regularly-scheduled nurse caregiver — also eases the discomfort and burden of IV antibiotic treatment.”
Readmissions Dip 47% When Patients Administer IV Antibiotics At Home  April 1, 2016

“Providing care is not just a job, it’s a devotion. The best nurses balance professionalism with a delicate touch, individualizing patient care and responding in-kind to each situation that is presented, be it major medical or small and personal. Following surgery or a procedure, ease your concerns and experience a fast and healthful recovery with a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant by your side.”
A Thank You To The Nurse  March 17, 2016

“Private nursing care at home requires the nurse to maintain a balance between the immediate needs of the patient and the pressing concerns of the family. The best nurses are professional and composed, tending to the patient while understanding and adjusting to the family dynamics. With a priority on patient care and recovery, the top RN’s and CNA’s comfort the family, keep a level head and an ear out, and foster a healthy and harmonious environment for a rapid and complete recovery.”
Overcoming Family Dynamics  February 16, 2016

“Stay healthier and happier as you age by living in your own home. Arrange for quality, five-star private nursing care as needed for home visits and checkups, the kinds of registered nurses and certified nursing assistants supplied by Jill Tucker Nursing. It is more important than ever to take health matters into your own hands. Begin by identifying and nurturing a relationship with a recommended home nursing care provider near you.”
How To Continue Living At Home In Your Old Age  February 4, 2016

“Hospitals continue to understaff nursing care—despite ongoing studies that show the link between adequate nurse staffing and positive patient outcomes. Additionally, hospital stay time has been shortened and patients are being discharged who would otherwise benefit greatly from further care. Don’t become a victim of short-staffing: arrange for a Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant from Jill Tucker to provide personal care in the hospital and at home. Take control of your own health outcome—don’t leave it to the hospitals.”
One Nursing Wish for the New Year
American Journal of Nursing  January 4, 2016

“Holiday times are joyous occasions spent with family and friends. But they can also be dangerous times. Factors such as travel, stress and accidents due to inclement weather contribute to the annual uptick of hospital visits and emergencies during the holiday season. Don’t spend the holidays sitting in an emergency room or waiting for a callback from the doctor. Arrange for a private registered nurse or certified nursing assistant to come to your home or hotel and provide immediate and professional care. Give yourself the gift of good health this holiday season.”
Holiday Emergency Planner: 8 ER Tips That Can Save Your Life  December 21, 2015

Plastic Surgery Care Experience

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

“Innovation in healthcare and wellness continues to make great strides. Gadgets and hi-tech devices make it easier to monitor your health, and check-ups can now be performed via web video without leaving home. But technology cannot replace the human touch and the keen insight an experienced health care professional brings directly to a patient. Providing customized and quality home nursing care, via the best Registered Nurses or Certified Nursing Assistants, is not a trend for Jill Tucker Nursing—it’s business as usual.”
Top 10 Healthcare Predictions For 2016  December 10, 2015

“A timely reminder 'round now is that your family health history is a guide to your own health. While you are gathered with your family this Thanksgiving, following the small talk about weather and football, it might be a good time to discuss your family health history. What ‘runs in the family’ is an effective tool to help to prepare for your own potential health issues.”
Talk About It Over Turkey: The Power of Your Family History
Huffington Post  November 24, 2015

“Family caregivers are a great asset at home, but studies show most family caregivers have little or no preparation for complex home care. Schedule a home visit by a Registered Nurse and let a healthcare professional check the patient’s medication and take vital signs, as well as provide guidance and instructions to the family caregiver that will assure a full recovery.”
No Longer Alone: Nurses Supporting Family Caregivers
American Journal of Nursing   November 13, 2015

“The nursing shortage is a continuing issue, but do not let that affect the care you receive. In a hospital setting, take control of your own care and arrange for a private nurse to be bedside at all times. Jill Tucker Nursing routinely places nursing professionals in private hospital rooms. Don’t let institutional staffing shortages keep you from the full and thorough recovery you deserve, consider a private nurse today for your hospital stay tomorrow.”
Why Is the U.S. Perpetually Short of Nurses?
The New   November 3, 2015

Maintaining healthy and balanced eating habits year-round leaves room for the occasional treat—and not only on Halloween. When establishing eating habits, try to avoid labels like “good” or “bad” food. Instead consider “everyday” or “sometimes” as more flexible labels that allow for a sweet treat, even on a regular basis. Studies show, as this thoughtful article points out, that overly restrictive eating guidelines often lead to the opposite intended results—overeating and binge eating. Enjoy a “sometimes” treat this holiday, as long as “everyday” foods remain on the table.”
The Case for Having Halloween Candy – and Eating It Too
US News   October 28, 2015

“Concierge patient care has always been a priority at Jill Tucker Nursing. Catering to the exacting needs and requirements of a specialized clientele has established our service as the nation’s leading boutique nursing agency. Hospitals are only now learning about the thoughtful patient care that Jill Tucker has practiced for over 30 years. Dozens of testimonials attest to the quality of the patient experience provided by Jill Tucker Nursing Services.”
The Patient Wish List
US   October 15, 2015

“Patients often request male nurses for a number of reasons. The assignment may require a large amount of repetitive heavy lifting, the patient may be more comfortable with the care provided by a male nurse, or just for simple privacy issues. Jill Tucker Nursing has always offered the choice of having a male nurse—both as an option for our patients, and as a reflection of our evolving workplace.
Nine Things Every Male Nurse Should Know
Huffington Post   September 3, 2015

“Neither angel nor vixen be. The nurse is a complex creature—capable of great caring and compassion but quick of mind and with muscle. It is a noble pursuit, but fraught with hazard and peril. Head held high, and without apologies, the nurses go into battle each day, fighting for the patient, fighting the good fight. It’s not glamorous, and it may get a little dirty, but it is a calling unlike any other.”
Unapologetically A Nurse
Huffington Post   August 17, 2015

“Compassion and concern are cornerstones of premier nursing care. Nurses must not only understand and address the physiological needs of their patients, but the best nurses can also grasp the emotional and psychological issues their patients are undergoing. Jill Tucker Nursing Services has has been proud to provide post-operative care to individuals who elected to make important life changes—the only bias being the desire for a healthier and happier patient.
American College of Physicians Pushes for Transgender Rights
Healthline.Com   May 11, 2015

“Reviews are a good guide to finding the service that is best for you. Jill Tucker Nursing has received dozens of positive reviews—sincere testimonials and honest thanks from patients and clients who were pleased with the attention to detail, and the personalized treatment, that they received from Jill Tucker. Read a variety of notes, both new and old, from patients and clients on the Jill Tucker Nursing Testimonials page.
Yelp Adds Emergency Room Wait Times to Its Hospital Review Pages
Time.Com   August 5, 2015

“Advances in health technology continue at a breathtaking pace, but even the experts agree that an element of the “human touch” should be part of the patient/care-provider experience. After the big data has been downloaded, and the screen refreshed, the personal care and concern provided by a Registered Nurse, or a Certified Nursing Assistant, is the treatment that no machine can duplicate. Concierge Nursing is part of the future of health care; fine tuning care for special needs and conditions, while still drawing on the great tradition of hands-on nursing.
The Future of Health Care: Hacking, Hospitals, Technology and More
Blogs.WSJ.Com   July 21, 2015

“Recovery from breast reconstruction surgery may be one of the most difficult challenges a woman can face. Nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing Services, experienced in providing care and pain management for mastectomy and reconstructive surgery patients, not only bring comfort, but also answer questions and allay fears. Jill Tucker and her fully-qualified nurses counsel patients before and after surgery and address all aspects of post-op recovery: from pain treatment to body issues to self-esteem and femininity. In addition, patients benefit from the psychological and emotional support provided by thoughtful and compassionate professionals.”
When Pain Persists After Breast Cancer Surgery
Well, New York Times   June 8, 2015

“Nursing personnel understaffing in our nation’s hospitals continues to pose serious hazards for patients and institutions. By arranging your own nursing care, whether at home or in a hospital (using a ‘nurse guardian’) you are guaranteeing one-to-one nursing coverage. With concierge nursing your nurse will be a specialist for your specific needs—be it orthopedic recovery care, reconstructive plastic surgery or geriatric care.”
We Need More Nurses
New York Times  May 28, 2015

“This weekend’s Kentucky Derby will see the debut of a ‘robot’ bartender, yet another sign of automation’s continued creep into our daily lives. In a society where speaking with another human is rapidly becoming a luxury, it’s reassuring to know that a phone call to Jill Tucker Nursing Services will put you directly in touch with Jill Tucker—a registered nurse with the wealth of knowledge that comes with 30+ years of experience working in New York’s premier medical institutions. No automation, no menu selection, no waiting. Jill Tucker Nursing: concierge health care that still has the human touch.”
Technology stripped a human touch from our lives. Can innovation bring it back?
Washington Post  April 22, 2015

“The strong and steady hand of a nurse is there to guide patients through life’s most difficult moments. During National Infertility Awareness Week it’s a good time to remember IVF nurses, who assist with in vitro fertilization treatment, combining the skill of a medical practitioner with the caring and compassion of an experienced nurse. Infertility is a disease that can be very difficult for patients and their families. IVF nurses are there for patients to help bring forth the light of life during the darkest hours.”
Infertility: Recognizing National Infertility Awareness Week
Psychology Today  April 22, 2015

“Here are some Springtime tips to help you maintain your youthful looks and keep you away from the surgeon’s knife. But should you ultimately decide on a nip and tuck, a plastic surgery nurse, experienced in treating and caring for the patients of New York’s top surgeons, can provide all of the information you need to come out looking your best.
10 Steps to Looking 5 Years Younger This Spring
Huffington Post  March 25, 2015

“Traveling nurses are not only intimate with the health issues of the patients they visit, they know the families, domestic routines and environments of their patients too. Studies have shown that when nurses visited the homes of new mothers, there has been a measurable reduction in the infant mortality rate, as well as an improvement in the overall health of mothers. The nurses also provide a sympathetic ear for patients concerns, and offer pertinent advice. The best nurses can step outside and take a holistic approach to patient care, boldly venturing into the real world and getting real results.”
Visiting Nurses, Helping Mothers On The Margins  March 8, 2015

Plastic Surgery Care Experience

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

U.S. female veterans suffer post-traumatic stress disorders at the same rate as male veterans—but female veterans seek care in the VA system at only half the rate of men. Much of the women’s PTSD issues are related to military sexual trauma. Compounding the situation, many female veterans are uncomfortable at aging VA facilities, feeling they are returning to the institution in which they were assaulted. Fortunately the VA recognizes this issue and is working to ease women into the system. Every VA medical center now has a military sexual trauma coordinator, and female nurses are being trained to deliver “trauma-informed care”. For female veterans who have suffered hardships serving our country, the dignified help they deserve is now on the way.”
A Few Good Women: U.S. Female Veterans With PTSD Are Getting Better Care  February 9, 2015

“If you find yourself backed up in Google traffic when seeking expert health care advice, turn directly to a nurse with over 25 years of experience—backed by a team of nurses with nearly 500 years combined experience—working in the finest medical institutions in New York City and Washington D.C. That’s an avenue of information worth a visit. Speak with Jill Tucker at Jill Tucker Nursing Services for all of your health care inquiries and needs.”
Google Will Make Health Searches Less Scary With Fact-Checked Results  February 10, 2015

“Patients continue to benefit from advances in medicine, but technology is just slowly making its way into the traditional hospital room setting. RN’s and Nursing Assistants suffer more back injuries than almost any other occupation. Only now are hospitals including patient lifting equipment in new room designs. Nurses do a lot, from wound care to dispensing medication to moving patients of all sizes and shapes. Hospitals need to make the investment in nurses health and purchase the necessary equipment that nurses need for their profession. Speak with Jill Tucker at Jill Tucker Nursing Services for all of your nursing inquiries and needs”
Hospitals Fail To Protect Nursing Staff From Becoming Patients  February 4, 2015

“From exercising in the cold to proper skin care to the need for flu vaccinations, there are many common myths associated with winter health routines. Here’s a breakdown of what beliefs ring true and what’s not worth a sniffle. And remember, you can always reach out to your friendly nurse for more healthful tips on how to weather the winter months.”
10 Winter Health Myths
ROJ  January 21, 2015

“Beginning this year, nurse practitioners in New York state, who have two years of full-time practice experience, are no longer required to have physician oversight. This allows nurse practitioners, particularly in under-served rural areas, to assist patients when doctors are in short supply. And with time management being a chief complaint among overworked physicians, nurse practitioners can pick up the slack (while reducing patient costs) and allow doctors to devote more quality time to patient care.”
Some N.Y. Nurse Practitioners To Be Freed Of Doc Supervision In 2015
Modern Healthcare  December 30, 2014

“Safeguarding the health and well-being of the elderly is one of the most important and challenging responsibilities facing grown children and family members. Having in-home nurses allows for complete control and oversight of the care provided to an elderly loved one. With personalized nursing care in the safety of their own home, the elderly patient can maintain dignity and autonomy, extending and improving quality of life.”
Old And Overmedicated: The Real Drug Problem In Nursing Homes  December 8, 2014

“A timely reminder 'round now is that your family health history is a guide to your own health. While you are gathered with your family this Thanksgiving, following the small talk about weather and football, it might be a good time to discuss your family health history. What "runs in the family" is an effective tool to help to prepare for your own potential health issues.”
A Feast of Family Health Information  November 16, 2012

“As concern grows about government and hospital preparedness for treating ebola patients, it would be wise to listen to those who have been on the frontline of the epidemic in Africa. American Deborah Wilson, a RN, recently returned from six weeks in Liberia, working with local nurses and health care workers at the center of the world’s ebola outbreak. She now questions the efficacy of protective measures in U.S. hospitals to handle the spread of the virus, as well as the level of adherence to infection control measures for patients who leave hospitals.
Ebola Changes You: Reflections of a Nurse Upon Return from Liberia
American Journal of Nursing  November 12, 2014

“A new study suggests that patients treated by nurses with Bachelor degrees have shorter hospital stays and lower readmission rates than patients treated by nurses with less education. But in order for hospitals to reach a proposed goal of an 80% nursing workforce with BSN's, compensation will need to be adjusted to justify the time and money required for nurses to pursue higher degrees. The study indicates that despite increasing compensation to qualified nurses, hospitals will show an overall cost savings by using 80% BSN holders.”
How Educated Nurses Save Money  October 16, 2014

“The influx of men in nursing (currently over 10% of all nurses) reflects continuing changing gender roles in our society. In addition to addressing the projected nursing shortage, the care and comfort provided by skilled male nurses offers another option for an increasingly diverse patient population.
Are Male Nurses Critical to Diversify and Strengthen the Profession?
International Nurses Association  September 17, 2014

Nurses on the front lines are the go-to source for ideas on how to optimize care and speed recovery. Recent studies have shown that nurses, empowered to lead and foster positive change, can demonstrate quantifiable improvements in patient care and hospital spending.”
Looking To Transform Healthcare? – Ask A Nurse  September 23, 2014

“Can you imagine if the Boards of Trustees at our nation's colleges and universities had little or no faculty representation among its members? Yet in our hospitals, only 6% of Board members nationwide are nurses. The reasons for underrepresentation are many—the old boys networks, blatant oversight, and even class warfare that questions whether nurses are affluent enough to sit alongside bankers and lawyers on Boards of Directors. But nurses brings so much to the table—experience, insight, and a genuine concern for the institution of the hospital—that they deserve not just one Board seat, but many.”
No Nurses on Your Hospital Board? Why Not?  August 12, 2014

“It's never too late to improve your quality of life—as well as your mobility and relieve chronic pain. A new study indicates that very elderly patients are considered safe candidates for most orthopedic surgery. The study, covering the last ten years, shows a lowered mortality rate for elderly patients undergoing procedures such as hip and knee replacements—as well as faster recoveries.”
Orthopedic Surgery Safe For Patients Age 80 And Older, Study Finds  July 18, 2014

Even in our darkest moments, there are individuals who step forward and, with a steady hand, help us to navigate life's turbulent waters. Here's a recent story about how one nurse brought empathy, professionalism and reassurance to a very difficult situation.”
Our Nurse  May 9, 2014

“Watching and admiring well-toned bodies is no longer just the pastime of male fans tuned into women's sports broadcasts. The current World Cup has brought out many admirers of the male physique who, without apology, want a seat at the sports bar no matter what the score. Ogling ‘booty’ in tight shorts may not be politically-correct sports viewing, but now more than ever, it's an equal opportunity game.”
Why It’s Great to Objectify World Cup Players  June 25, 2014

“American Mark Geiger has already earned plaudits for his work as a referee during the World Cup. Keeping up with the best soccer players in the world requires the kind of stamina that can only be attained by adhering to strict methods of exercise. Such as ‘fartlek’—not the punchline of a schoolyard joke but a form of Swedish interval training.”
Endurance Key for World Cup Refs  June 10, 2014

“Nurse-to-patient hospital staffing ratios continue to be challenged as institutions seek cost cuts and shift the care burden onto fewer nurses. But a recent study indicates that patient hospital stays are shorter (and less costly) when staff nurses have greater tenure, and that nurse teams are more efficient the longer they remain together.
When It Comes to Cost and Quality of Hospital Care, Nurse Tenure and Teamwork Count  May 27, 2014

“At the dawn of modern plastic surgery, it wasn't enough for visionary surgeons, like Archie McIndoe, tending to disfigured British airman during World War II, to simply 'patch up' his patients. He insisted on cosmetic reconstructions that would allow his patients to re-enter society with heads held high. In this fascinating excerpt from Dr. Kevin Fong's new book "Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century" we learn about McIndoe and his cadre of brave patients who used dark humor and bonhomie to withstand the rigors and trepidations of being the first 'guinea pigs' for a method of surgery that would eventually transform the world.”
The Guinea Pig Club: They Were Heroes of World War II And They Revolutionized Plastic Surgery  May 12, 2014

“The large number of Americans who have enrolled under the ACA will mean more demands on health care providers. Up to that task are the nation's nurses, who are finally getting some help from state legislators. New York State just announced that nurse practitioners with more than two years of experience no longer need to pay to have an 'onsite' physician. This small gesture will make it easier for nurse practitioners, who can do much of the same work as doctors, to put their skills to full use.”
The Case for Seeing a Nurse Instead of a Doctor  April 24, 2014
New York Abolishes Written Practice Agreement for Nurse Practitioners  April 22, 2014

“Spend a day in their shoes, and you may know how hard nurses work. An electronic tagging system that follows nurses is currently being tested in a Florida hospital, and the findings might not surprise. Nurses are very busy, and using tests like this to maximize efficiency on the hospital floor is a great way for hospitals to make the most of a valuable asset - the nurse.
Tagging, Tracking Nurses Improves Workflow  March 25, 2014

“Doctors and health care professionals are increasingly turning to the web for medical information. But instead of tapping keys, patients can tap directly into the wealth of knowledge accumulated by nursing professionals. Nurses are constantly collecting and processing information, as well as personally attending to each patient. This data cannot be accessed online, but it is readily available by talking with one of the nation's millions of hard-working nurses.”
Doctors’ #1 Source for Healthcare Information: Wikipedia  March 5, 2014

“Woman are increasingly taking the leadership role in business as well as the home, so any medical research that discounts gender is inherently flawed. As a woman-owned and operated small business Jill Tucker Nursing Services understands the medical needs of women innately. In preparing patients (of both sexes) for surgery, and providing care during recuperation and recovery, the research at Jill Tucker Nursing is always ongoing, and is always fully inclusive.”
Women’s Health Harmed as Medical Studies Ignore Gender  March 2, 2014

“Kick the bucket list. A new study shows that older people derive more satisfaction from ordinary, daily experiences, minimizing the need to fulfill a 'must-do' bucket list. Simple moments, like time well spent with family or friends, or resting and recuperating under the watchful eye of a health care worker, provides happiness that grows with age.
Study: Ordinary Experiences Make Us Happier as We Get Older  February 12, 2014

“Vitamins have long been marketed as a positive and healthful diet supplement. But too much of a good thing may not be so good. Recent studies indicate that vitamin supplements may be unnecessary for adults who maintain reasonable diets—and they may actually be harmful.
When Vitamins Backfire  February 4, 2014

“To combat a primary care shortage, legislation giving more responsibility and oversight to Nurse Practitioners has been passed in many states. But a recent study from the Columbia University School of Nursing shows that long-standing organizational policy in hospitals and care groups still trumps changes introduced by government.”
Full Utilization of Nurse Practitioners: Helped by Laws, Hindered by Health Care Culture  January 16, 2014

“Hospital care in China can be markedly different than patient care in the West. Privacy is non-existent, and patients are often forced to pay hospital bills on a daily basis—or face being discharged, even if the treatment is not complete. But hospital tests in China are limited—avoiding the over-testing that plagues American hospitals. And requiring patients to pay daily can actually keep prices in check.”
The People’s Hospital: Cost, Transparency, and Hospital Care in the Middle of China  January 10, 2014

“Among the changes in health care we can expect to see in 2014 is a greater emphasis on concierge medicine. Doctors, nursing agencies, and health care providers will continue to reach out to patients who are seeking, and willing to pay for, the best care possible.
Twelve Health Care Predictions for 2014  January 4, 2014

Plastic Surgery Care Experience

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

“During 2013, nurses continued to rise to the challenges presented in the new healthcare landscape. One of the notable trends in nursing this past year was care-centered 'positive deviance', where nurses go outside normal procedures to find new and better ways to improve patient care.”
Three Favorite Nursing Trends Of 2013  December 17, 2013

“Midwives have always been there to assist women in pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Now as the baby boom population ages, midwives are being called upon to help close out the cycle of life, and assist patients and families at the end. Midwives ease the transition from life to death by administering the same kind of care, compassion and privacy that they bring to the process of birth.”
Midwives For The Dying  December 16, 2013

“While public schools prepare student for the future job marketplace by emphasizing math and sciences, a recent survey finds parents are concerned that their children are lacking in physical education. Physical education is important for children's cognitive development and success in school. And a foundation of physical activity, set during childhood, can lead to a lifetime of good health habits.”
Poll: Lack of Physical Education In Schools Concerns Parents  December 7, 2013

“Here's an end-of-the-year list to set your pulse racing. Headlines this year cited health care advances ranging from drastic reductions in cervical cancer in India's slums to new cures for the virus hepatitis C. These and other stories show that medical breakthroughs can continue to happen when science meets inquisitive minds.”
The 12 Top Health Stories of 2013  December 4, 2013

“A good reminder 'round now is that your own family health history is a guide to your health. While you are gathered with your family this Thanksgiving, following the small talk about weather and football, it might be a good time to discuss your family health history. What "runs in the family" is an effective tool to help to prepare for potential health issues.”
A Feast of Family Health Information  November 16, 2012

“Eat an apple a day—the whole apple! This holiday season do a favor for your pocketbook, your health and for the world. Eat the entire apple (except the seeds). And enjoyment of this apple product requires no system upgrades or plug-ins—just a good set of choppers.”
Apple Cores Are a Myth  November 15, 2013

“Long term care planning includes identifying a home care nursing service that suits your individual needs. At least 70 percent of Americans age 65 and older will require some long term custodial care. Finding a concierge nursing service now, that can provide custom-designed care later, assures a healthier and more comfortable future.”
Thanksgiving Thoughts on Long-Term Care Costs
Huffington  November 6, 2013

“Here is a breakdown of the important parts of the new cholesterol guidelines—the most significant changes in years. Targets are de-emphasized: don't obsess about cholesterol levels. What's important is to carefully know your risk of heart disease and stroke and choose a drug treatment that has proven to lower risk. And if you need drug therapy statins are recommended.”
3 Things to Know About the New Cholesterol Guidelines  November 12, 2013

“Are you younger or older than your fitness age? A simple online calculator can provide the information. A younger fitness age is ‘the single best predictor of current and future health’—based on research that carefully noted the exertions of 5000 Norwegians.
Check Your "Fitness Age" With This Research-Based Calculator
Popular Science  November 1, 2013

“Technology for using 'virtual touch'—devices that allow patients to feel a nurses touch remotely—is still a ways off, but the role of Informatics Specialist will be yet another way for nurses to maintain a hold in the new health care world. Informatics is a field that melds information science, computer science, and health care, and will prove to be an increasingly important tool for nurses at the top of the care game.”
The Affordable Care Act and New Nursing Roles  October 9, 2013

“Who is responsible when a procedure as routine, and as life-saving, as a Pap smear shows up as a four-figure item on a patient's medical bill? Should the doctor know the accumulated costs of all the tests that are being ordered? Are labs becoming more savvy by marketing multiple-test packages? And will the specter of sticker-shock keep women from undergoing important screenings?
The Thousand-Dollar Pap Smear
New England Journal of  October 17, 2013

“The marketing machinery for robotic surgery is in top gear, and many doctors and hospitals are buying into the expensive equipment and costly procedures. But the FDA has a staff of just two to evaluate the medical devices, and the track record for injuries and deaths associated with remote surgery reveals the risks. Technology has its place in the operating room, but machines have yet to match the deft skills of a surgeon's hands or the keen and watchful eyes of a trained and experienced staff.
Robot Surgery Damaging Patients Rises With Marketing  October 7, 2013

“Former baseball commissioner and CEO Fay Vincent shared his displeasure with the treatment he recently received in hospital settings. Vincent would like to see hospital administrators treat the patients more like valued customers, in the way Disney greets each guest with a smile. Can hospitals, under siege from budget cuts and new health care laws, afford service with a smile? Or is private nursing care one of the few ways for patients to receive the dignified care they deserve?
Fay Vincent: What Hospitals Could Learn From Disney  September 29, 2013

“As hospitals continue to trim staff in response to the changing health care marketplace, patients can consider nursing care at home, with a guaranteed 1:1 nurse/patient ratio.
Hospital Layoffs Are Full Of Excuses  September 23, 2013

“Almost everyone knows someone who has had Lyme disease. Can a vaccine help to prevent the onset of Lyme disease? Or do the potential side effects, identified in some earlier clinical studies, make this vaccine prohibitive.”
Bring Back the Lyme Vaccine
NY  September 18, 2013

“Trying to have a baby? It's a proud, if anxious, time in a woman's life. And as more woman seek IVF treatments in order to conceive, the stigma surrounding IVF is being erased. Here's the story of one woman with nothing to hide.”
Lying About IVF Treatments  September 9, 2013

“Hospitals can be bad for your health. At least one out of every 20 patients who are admitted to a hospital will pick up an infection there. And the bill for these hospital-acquired infections approaches $10 billion annually. Personalized nursing care can keep you out of a hospital and away from the institutionalized negligence that leads to the spread of infections.”
Hospital-Acquired Infections Cost $10 Billion a Year: Study  September 3, 2013

“ ‘Ask your doctor’. But your doctor receives much greater compensation from Medicare and Medicaid to perform tests or procedures than to sit and discuss preventative care or long-term planning. A new bill would level that paying field and provide greater reimbursement to doctors engaging in “cognitive services”—professional thought, judgement and opinions on topics such as end-of-life scenarios and DNR requests. For many patients, talk can be a very valuable treatment.”
The Next Step for End-of-Life Care  September 9, 2013

“Hospitals can be bad for your health. At least one out of every 20 patients who are admitted to a hospital will pick up an infection there. And the bill for these hospital-acquired infections approaches $10 billion annually. Personalized nursing care can keep you out of a hospital and away from the institutionalized negligence that leads to the spread of infections.”
Hospital-Acquired Infections Cost $10 Billion a Year: Study  September 3, 2013

“Efforts are being made to lower hospital readmission rates for post-operative plastic surgery patients. Under health care reform, hospitals face financial penalties for unplanned readmissions. Private, personalized nursing care in the first days immediately following surgery greatly reduces the chance of complications and assures a rapid recovery. Plastic surgery patients want to wake up and see a new self—they do not want to wake up to see another hospital room.”
What Factors Affect Readmission Risk After Plastic Surgery?  August 30, 2013

“There is no nursing shortage—there are plenty of qualified individuals holding nursing degrees. But there is a tendency for hospitals to continue to reduce nurse staffing as part of desperate cost-cutting measures. Meanwhile the nurses who remain are asked to do more, and the patients are the ones who suffer.”
When No One Is On Call
NY  August 17, 2013

“Doctors face many pressures in the rapidly changing health care field. 15-minute patient visits provide just enough time to address questions required for electronic medical records, and doctors find themselves spending more time in front of a computer than with their patients. Are doctors doing enough to contain costs? Do they have the time and ability to do more?”
Why Doctors Are Reluctant to Take Responsibility for Rising Medical Costs
The  August 14, 2013

“The latest wave of mergers are consolidating hospital operations across the country. Bigger is not always better when it comes to health care. Concierge health care services, with the emphasis on personalized care, will continue to grow and present an appealing alternative to corporate care.”
New Laws and Rising Costs Create a Surge of Supersizing Hospitals
NY  August 12, 2013

“Advanced practice registered nurses (APRN's) can do much of the same work as a doctor—at a lower cost to patients and insurers. The American Nurses Association wants the federal government to require insurers who sell plans on insurance exchanges to have a minimum percentage of APRN's available in their provider networks. Varied and restrictive state laws currently limit the scope of APRN's work—laws which are supported by the medical (doctor) community. Americans deserve less-costly options like APRN's that will provide efficient and reliable alternatives to traditional doctor-patient relationships.”
ANA Wants Exchanges To Have Minimum Number Of RN's  August 1, 2013

“Heart disease is an equal opportunity killer of both men and women. But women do not receive the same screening or preventative care for heart disease as men. This may be a reason for a higher death rate, compared to men, for women who suffer heart attacks. The health care community needs to educate women about heart disease, recognize the risk factors among women, and to provide the same treatment as that given to male patients.”
More Women Dying Of Heart Disease, Yet Men Still Get More Treatment  July 29, 2013

“Cutting corners may be commonplace in some businesses, but in health care, small lapses can lead to big problems. It is imperative that health care workers hold their colleagues to the highest standards and not be deterred by intimidation or hierarchal pressure in the workplace. When proper protocol is not followed, patient safety is undermined and worker dissatisfaction rises. That is not a healthy situation for anyone.”
Most Doctors, Nurses And Midwives Observe Risky Shortcuts Taken During Delivery
Huffington Post  July 25, 2013

“Medical innovations do not move at a snail's pace. But sometimes, simple ages-old organic-based procedures gain popularity. Applying mollusks to the face leaves a mucus slime that contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which help skin retain moisture and reduce inflammation. Clients can travel to Japan for this treatment, or skip the airfare and purchase a product that contains snail secretions—and also avoid picking up potential parasites that live snails carry.”
Snail Facials Use Slime for Anti-Aging Skin Care  June 17, 2013

“Are plastic surgeons the last of the general surgeons? Plastic surgeons work on all kinds of diseases on all parts of the body. It's not only about looking good. And plastic surgeons are frequently at the forefront of surgical innovation—most recently with hand and face transplants.”
Being a Plastic Surgeon Requires a Lot of Explaining  June 11, 2013

“Forget the sports car and the arm candy, today's middle-aged men are getting through mid-life with a little touch-up and adjustments. Forbes writer Jon Entine is happy to tell you why he spent money on a once-in-a-lifetime cosmetic procedure.”
Baby Boomer Blues: What Should A Man Of A 'Certain Age' Do When His Face Begins To Sag?
Forbes  July 8, 2013

“As you gather with friends and family this holiday weekend to celebrate our freedoms, feel free to talk about your plastic surgery. Plastic surgery procedures are becoming as all-American as apple pie across our great country—the land of the free and the home of the brave and beautiful.”
No More Stigma Against Plastic Surgery, Please
The Atlantic  July 1, 2013

“Hospitals need to focus on patient care first and concentrate on long-term solutions to survive as viable institutions. Short-term solutions that emphasize an immediate ROI (return-on-investment)—to preserve bond ratings—often fail to include long-term projects such as electronic medical record keeping. It took a White House directive to force hospitals to adopt electronic records—despite years of studies which had shown that poor physician handwriting and paper records lead to errors. ”
Health Care Reform: A Time for "Long-Termism"
Huffington Post Business  June 24, 2013

“Patients and their families can become victims of an unfeeling and autocratic hospital system. This artist, whose husband died among an indifferent hospital staff, uses her visual creations to call attention to the important issue of prioritizing patient care and treatment. ”
In Health Care Reform, Art Keeps Patients in the Picture  June 27, 2013

“Our nation's health care system faces unprecedented demands with a continuing shortage of capable doctors as even more Americans become enrolled in health insurance programs. One way to combat these shortages is to promote scholarship in the nursing field. More nurses with PhD's, armed with the skills and abilities to take on our most pressing medical issues, can address these needs. The Robert Wood Johnson foundation understands this and is investing $20 million in the "Future of Nursing Scholars" program to support nurses as they pursue their PhDs. Capable and qualified nurses will play an important role in filling gaps in our health care system.”
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Announces $20 Million Grant to Support Nurse PhD Scientists  June 3, 2013

“The probiotic movement has been around for years. It's one reason why yogurt is so popular. As the effects of antibiotics begins to wane—due in part to overuse—time-tested methods employing probiotics are receiving more attention. Fecal transplants have been proven to be safe and effective, and now the FDA wants to stick their nose in it. Naturally-occurring remedies might best be left out of the purview of the FDA, to allow the free flow of feces to spread it's probiotic magic.”
Feces Happens—But Medically, Only with FDA Approval
LA Times  June 4, 2013

“In the guarded and modest Arab world, cosmetic surgery among both women and men is on the rise. Even underneath the veils and robes, there is the universal desire for beauty—and often it is the American ideal of beauty. And among the wealthiest families and individuals in the world, it's surgeons from the United States that are the most sought after and most trusted.”
Bringing Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery to the Middle East
The Atlantic  May 29, 2013

“Requests for 'Patient Advocates' are on the rise. Patient Advocates—often RN's or licensed healthcare professionals—can be at the bedside of the patient during hospital stays, or accompany them on doctor's visits. With revolving-door hospital policies that nullifies the priorities of the patient, Patient Advocates provide a strong and clear voice that rises above the hospital din, and assures that the patient is heard.”
If Only The Patient Had An Advocate  May 1, 2013

Plastic Surgery Care Experience

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

“The oncoming shortage of doctors can be addressed by allowing Nurse Practitioners to take on some of the general duties currently performed by doctors. But a New England Journal of Medicine survey shows a sharp divide between nurses and doctors about the perceived quality of patient care provided by nurse practitioners. One concern among doctors is that nurse education and training can vary from state to state, while physician schooling and training is more consistent across the country.”
Doctors Doubt Nurses Skills, Survey Finds  May 15, 2013

“At the close of National Nurses Week it is encouraging to see progress made that would allow Advanced Practice Registered Nurses to care for patients without a doctor's oversight. 15 states are considering legislation this year that would give APRN's that freedom. Research shows that Nurse Practitioners are likely to serve Medicaid patients and work in rural communities—where the demand is greatest. APRN's can be trained quickly and their lower compensation can help to drive down overall health care costs.”
California Weighs Expanded Role For Nurse Practitioners  May 9, 2013

“During National Nurses Week it is important to recognize the growing demand for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. Studies show that APRN's can be as effective as physicians in diagnosis and prescription, at a lower cost. And with a growing shortage of physicians, particularly in rural areas, the need for APRN's could not be greater. But various states still have laws that make it difficult for APRN's to fully utilize their skills. Changes need to be made to Medicare regulations, hospital privileges and reimbursement policies which would allow these nurses to do what they do best: healing people.”
Advanced Nurses Lower Costs, Improve Care  May 6, 2013

“Advances in technology are making surgical procedures faster, less invasive, with the long-term results easier to predict. Considering the high price of a surgical procedure, as well as the time and the potential discomfort, knowing what you are getting after an operation is knowledge that is invaluable.”
Gene Test May Help Predict Success of Weight-Loss Surgery
US News & World Report  May 2, 2013

“Any stigma associated with plastic surgery continues to fall away as more Americans opt for elective surgery. With advance techniques now available—minimal downtime and less discomfort—as well as the finest surgeons and nursing care in the world, anytime is a good time to take the step towards looking and feeling better.”
Women Opting for Surgery to Get Michelle Obama's Arms
LA Times  April 29, 2013

“Aside from the comfort of being in your own home, in familiar surroundings with friends and family, studies show that the cost of home-based care is rising at a lower rate than the costs of nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Matched with proper home health aides, there's no place like home for the best health results.”
Long-Term Care Costs Favor Home-Based Treatment  April 9, 2013

“Social media is a great tool for networking and promoting services. But if prospective customers really want to know about the skills and abilities of a plastic surgeon, ask a nurse. Nurses are on the front line of the action. Nurses see the "before and after" for patients with all kinds of medical conditions—that kind of information cannot be found in a tweet.”
Plastic Surgeons Go Face-to-Face in Social Madness Competition  April 19, 2013

“The elite performers were not only running in the Boston Marathon yesterday, they were on the sidelines, observing the finishers, manning the EMS vehicles and staffing the city's hospitals. When disaster struck, the doctors, nurses and emergency personnel went to work—performing at the elite level for which they have trained. In the race to save lives, the first responders are the champions.”
Applauding the First Medical Responders In the Boston Tragedy  April 16, 2013

“Low pay and physically demanding work are prime contributors to the shortage of health care workers in nursing homes. In addition, a more advanced level of care is required as patients with complex issues, who were formerly admitted to hospitals, are now placed in nursing homes. All of this leads to an incredibly high turnover rate for workers who care for the elderly and disabled. If nurses aides were compensated in any manner like athletes, firefighters and workers in manufacturing, (occupations as prone to injury as health care workers) the void in skilled direct-care nurses would fill very quickly.”
How to Find Care Amid a Shortage of Nursing Aides
MarketWatch  April 14, 2013

“Neither government pressure nor hospital cost-cutting proposals should determine whether a patient visits the ER. But a proposal among some states would deny Medicaid payments to hospitals when an ER admits patients with health problems that could have been treated in a doctor's office. Emergency room visits are traumatic enough without patients being required to self-diagnose prior to making the decision to go to an ER. And a study shows that less than 6% of people go to an ER with conditions that could otherwise have been treated in a doctor's office. A clear and accurate assessment from a healthcare professional is what a patient seeks when entering an ER—and that is what the patient deserves.”
How Ideas To Cut ER Expenses Could Backfire  March 20, 2013

“The more that technology keeps us touch, the further apart we become. Medical advances such as a blood-testing chip which can be inserted under the skin are wonderful. Using this device, a patient's blood makeup can be monitored regularly and remotely. However, technology has yet to find a way to replicate the exchange of information that only a doctor-or-nurse-to-patient meeting can provide.”
Swiss Scientists Develop ‘Under the Skin’ Blood-Testing Chip  March 21, 2013

“Superbugs—germs extremely resistant to treatment with antibiotics—are turning up in U.S. hospitals with an alarming frequency. While authorities like the CDC sound the alarm, patients should be advised to consider alternatives to recovering in the hospital. Using a Private Nurse to recover at home or in a hotel might not only accelerate the recovery process, but may also guard the patient from being exposed to hospital-borne diseases.”
Hospital Superbugs: New Report Shows Alarming Increase In Antibiotic-Resistant Germs
Huffington Post  March 5, 2013

“A little exercise can go a long way to improving the quality of your sleep. Just 10 minutes at any time of the day—even before bedtime. So go break a sweat! And sleep like a baby.”
Exercise, Less Sitting Time, Linked to Better Sleep  March 4, 2013

“As the percentage of males who opt for elective surgery continues to grow, so too does the demand for male nurses. Male patients recovering from surgery may prefer male nurses for privacy reasons and feel more comfortable interacting with the same gender.”
Number of Male U.S. Nurses Triple Since 1970  February 26, 2013

“Robotic surgery is here to stay. But this recent cost-benefit study indicates that for some common operations, such as hysterectomies, conventional surgery without a robot provides the same patient results, at a much lower cost.”
Robot Surgery for Hysterectomy Doesn’t Give More Benefit  February 19, 2013

“Chill out. Take it easy. Less is more. A recent study suggests that a more moderate approach to exercise may be more effective than a strict daily workout. It seems that even exercise can be too much of a good thing. But don't slack off!”
Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six  February 13, 2013

“When dogs look like their owners: it may be more than mutual admiration. Plastic surgery for dogs is a growing business in the U.S.—but while dog show-worthy aesthetics are always a consideration, the surgery is often about improving the animal's quality of life.”
Cutting-Edge Canines: The World of Dog Plastic Surgery  February 11, 2013

“All too often, patients are leaving hospitals only to be readmitted within a month's time—often with health issues exacerbated by their hospital stay. Having a private nurse to accompany the patient when leaving the hospital, to oversee medicine and nutrition intake, to do the heavy lifting, and to tend to the patient's comfort and recuperation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Institutions such as hospitals cannot be relied on for a healthful recovery—patients must now take additional steps to ensure their own well being.”
Could Being In The Hospital Make You Sick?  January 15, 2013

“Time to bring home the troops? A return to normalcy in Afghanistan might include the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, particularly among women in the capital of Kabul who are enjoying a new found independence. But tradition also drives these choices, as beauty is still an important asset in Afghanistan for young women seeking marriage prospects.”
Cosmetic Surgery Catches On In An Open Afghanistan
LA  January 2, 2013

“One New Year's resolution people are unlikely to make is to spend less time with their smartphone. So while you're texting, or checking your Facebook page, you may also want to to tap into some of these clever apps that can help you be more resolute about maintaining healthy habits in the New Year.”
5 Apps to Shape Up Your Health Habits in the New Year  December 26, 2012

“This data-driven site was recently launched to provide information about nursing homes nationwide. Most importantly it details penalties and deficiencies cited by regulators over the past three years. This is an effective tool to begin the difficult search for the best nursing home care for you or a loved one. But of course any final decision about a home should include a visit from all parties for an up-close-and-personal assessment.”
Nursing Home Inspect: Find Nursing Home Problems in Your State  December 17, 2012

“Keeping it simple is often the best prescription. Studies continue to suggest that a daily low dosage of aspirin is effective in reducing heart disease and preventing cancer among middle-aged adults. One of the oldest remedies known to man, aspirin helps to prevent heart disease by keeping blood clots from forming, and fights cancer, in part, by suppressing an immune response called inflammation. However, not everyone can take aspirin daily and should consult their physician beforehand.”
The 2,000-Year-Old Wonder Drug  December 11, 2012

“Here's a holiday gift idea for that special someone always on the go—and who may need help staying on a healthy lifestyle path. The Basis health tracker wears like a wristwatch and can monitor heart rate, check body temperature and even gauge the quality of the user's sleep. The idea is to collect data that can be used as guide for a consistently healthy lifestyle. It's also durable enough to take a ‘licking’—and to make sure the wearer is still ticking.”
Basis Watch Keeps Eye on Health  November 29, 2012

“While you are gathered with your family this Thanksgiving, following the small talk about weather and football, it might be a good time to discuss your family health history. As the Surgeon General has suggested, understanding what "runs in the family" is an effective tool to help to prepare for potential health issues.”
A Feast of Family Health Information  November 16, 2012

“Healthcare information technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, providing exciting job opportunities for tech-oriented individuals who want to make a difference in healthcare. While issues ranging from privacy to network infrastructure remain, it is clear we have entered a new age of medical assessment, care and monitoring. But after all the data is collected and the screens have dimmed, there will still be a need for flesh-and-blood human contact that only an experienced healthcare professional can provide.”
8 IT Healthcare Trends for Tech Job Seekers in 2013  November 13, 2012

“The recent storm surge also brought about a surge of heroism and tremendous acts of bravery from both emergency workers and volunteers. Forced to evacuate their facilities at NYU's Langone Medical Center, a group of nurses gathered their charges, in this case infants, and sped them down darkened stairwells to safety. Here is a gripping account of professionalism in the face of adversity.”
Nurses Who Saved NICU Babies Remember Harrowing Hurricane Night
Yahoo News  November 3, 2012

“When storms and chaos cripples transportation and threatens daily routines, rescue teams and emergency workers are called upon to save the day. The saviors for the ill, elderly and infirm are the nurses, home aides and health care workers who travel great distances under difficult circumstances to tend to their patients. Even in the darkest moments dedicated health care givers bring light and solace to those most in need.”
Enduring the Storm for Homebound Patients  November 1, 2012

“More women are opting for preventive mastectomies, according to this study released by the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council. There seems to be a number of reasons. In some cases, women have seen family members fall victim to breast cancer—and opted for drastic preventative surgery rather than wait. And women have also been spurred by tests that can identify mutations of genes that increase the chances of getting cancer. Doctors are divided about whether such severe preventative measures are always necessary. But for many women, they would rather make the difficult choice now—and allay any future fears.”
Big Rise Found in Preventive Mastectomies
Pittsburg  October 9, 2012

“Big Data is the latest high tech buzzword—the process of analyzing and interpreting information from myriad sources. Nurses and health care professionals are familiar with this concept. They have always been trained to ask pertinent questions, to make careful bedside observations and to take extensive notes. Whether it's called 'knowing your patient', or 'data mining', the best health care professionals collect and process information, as well as personally attend to each patient—the kind of human contact that may not register on data spread sheets. ”
The Next Revolution in Healthcare  October 1, 2012

“Placing a family member or friend in a nursing home is often an emotional and stressful process, and comes with extensive paperwork required for admission. Take the time to analyze all documents that need to be signed. Many institutions include an agreement that any disputes with the home be settled by arbitration, rather than a court hearing. Consumer advocates suggest demanding an 'opt-out provision' that allows nursing home clients to back out of the arbitration agreement within 30 days of signing.”
Signing a Mandatory Arbitration Agreement with a Nursing Home Can Be Troublesome
Washington  September 17, 2012

“As we live longer, it's more important to maintain fitness in middle age in order to live well in our later years. Even if you have never exercised, try starting with a simple routine like vigorous walking or stair climbing. As the study notes, a person making a move out of the 'least fit' category to the next healthiest category will notice potential major health benefits.”
The Benefits of Middle-Age Fitness  September 5, 2012

“Vaginoplasty, the surgical process of tightening and reshaping the vulva, is a rapidly growing segment of the U.S. plastic surgery market. Doctors are divided about the effectiveness of the procedure. Issues regarding sex and sexuality are distinctly personal—and each individual has their own needs and desires. As with any surgery, vaginal rejuvenation procedures has its share of risks. Modern medicine is always evolving—this is another option for the individual to decide what is best for her health and wellbeing.”
Doctors Not Too Thrilled About the Rise in Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures  August 26, 2012

“Life after Olympic glory can present its own challenges. Gold medal swimmer Summer Sanders chose to dedicate her time to teaching women about the problems associated with varicose veins—and the treatments available to alleviate pain and discomfort.”
Olympic Champion Summer Sanders On Life After Winning The Gold  August 13, 2012

“I had the honor and privilege to personally provide nursing services to Helen Gurley Brown. She was an ideal patient and a joy to recover. And she was a true inspiration to women of my generation. Her views on the importance of women to maintain their economic independence has long been a guiding principle in my career choices and business decisions.”
Helen Gurley Brown Remembered By Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle And Redbook Editors
   Huffington Post  August 14, 2012

“Excessive noise on the hospital floor can inhibit rapid patient recovery. Machinery and new technology, meant to monitor patients and offer relief to the beleaguered nursing staff, routinely beeps, buzzes and rings. Nurses and assistants, their ranks reduced by cost-cutting measures, cannot answer all the alarms. The best machinery can assist, but never replace, the human element.”
The Clatter of the Hospital Room
   NY Times Well blog  August 2, 2012

“Art that heals: the paramedical tattoo artist adds the final signature to the work of a skilled plastic surgeon. The work of the cosmetic artist boosts self-esteem and confidence, and helps to close the healing process on a positive note.”
Tattoo Artists Help Breast Cancer Survivors Regain Their Femininity New York  August 1, 2012

“This is a wonderful use of technology that gives a doctor the ability to assess and monitor a patient's condition remotely. But beyond the number crunching and data management, there is still valuable information that can only be gleaned from innate human contact. Contact that is the result of care and close observation provided by a nurse to a patient.”
The iRobot Doc: Roomba Maker Enters the ER  July 24, 2012

“With each step in technology, your online persona takes on a greater importance—so why not look your best? A skilled plastic surgeon can pick up where Photoshop leaves off. Read about the growing influence of social media in cosmetic surgery decisions.”
Facebook, Skype Give Cosmetic Surgery Industry a Lift  July 7, 2012

“There's a new surgical procedure called autologous fat transfer that gives women who have undergone a mastectomy another option for breast reconstruction. Having a registered nurse by your side in the days following surgery is also a good option.”
Unique cosmetic surgery moves body fat to breasts
   Vitals on  June 22, 2012

“Performance artist Marina Abramovic chose elective surgery at the age of 40 when she was feeling low. ‘Why not use technology if you can, if it can build your spirit?’ she says about her decision to seek breast augmentation.”
The Devil in Marina Abramovic
   New York Times  June 13, 2012

“New technology is being used to improve patient care by allowing more doctors and hospitals to exchange information on a faster platform and larger scale. And while these advances in medical technology are exciting, for the convalescing patient there is nothing like the human touch that a health care professional, such as a nurse, can provide.”
Virtual Health Community to Connect Providers Nationwide  June 7, 2012

“Time is not a luxury in the healing process - it is the process. With thoughtful and attentive nursing, the recuperation period is time well spent. Read about Dr. Victoria Sweet's new book that reminds us that despite modern medical advances, the body still needs ample time and careful care to achieve full recovery.”
A Hospital That Gave Its Patients Time to Heal
   New York Times  May 29, 2012

“Reconstructive surgery is not just for the wealthy and beautiful. Adali Gutierrez was scarred, both physically and psychically, when he was the victim of a violent crime that killed his parents. Thanks to generous donations and the skilled hands of a surgeon, the wounds have been healed and the scars have been removed.”
Cartel Attack Victim Helped by Plastic Surgery
   Los Angeles Times  May 15, 2012

“An experienced nurse, to guide you through the intricacies of plastic surgery before and after the procedure, may make the difference between a good and a great recovery.”
How Can You Afford Plastic Surgery?
   Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery  May 7, 2012

“How young is too young to have a 'nose job'? What are the best reasons for considering plastic surgery? Carolyn Hax addresses these questions in this recent Washington Post column.”
Cosmetic surgery and when to do it (if ever)
   Washintgon Post  April 25, 2012

“Loren S. Schecter, MD, has coined the term 'gender confirmation surgery'. Read about why he feels this term is important and how he strives to treat patients seeking this procedure.”
'Gender Confirmation Surgery': What's in a Name?
   Huffington Post  April 20, 2012

“Elective surgical procedures continue to rise worldwide. Provided with all of the proper information, improving one's appearance and self-esteem can be life affirming and liberating.”
Daily Chart: A Cut Above  April 23, 2012

“This comprehensive overview of the plastic surgery industry notes an increase in procedures being undertaken by elderly patients. A study by James E. Zins, MD, chairman of the department of plastic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, found that properly-screened patients who undergo a facelift after age 65, are at no higher risk of complications compared to younger adults.”
More than Skin Deep  April 13, 2012

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