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Testimonials for Jill Tucker Nursing Services

(Most recent testimonial received and posted in March 2018)

“I would like to share my experience, as 36 year-old trans-gender woman, who had undergone FFS, with extensive cranial-facial plastic surgery, as well as breast augmentation. I had the following done just 6 weeks ago: hairline advancement, forehead reconstruction, brow lift, septoplasty, rhinoplasty, submalar cheek implants, lip lift, breast aug., and sliding genioplasty. The surgery was performed in NYC. The doctor did an unreal job. I look fab!

During my initial consultation, it was explained to me, that I would be required to have, at minimum, 12 hrs. of post surgical care, by a trained nurse. I knew nothing about sourcing a nurse or how to even go about it. The office manager explained to me that they exclusively utilize the services of Jill Tucker Nursing. Jill and her nursing staff, came highly praised for their compassionate care, thoroughness and professionalism, as well as having experience caring for transgender women – which was obviously important to me.

I scheduled my surgery and soon after I contacted Jill directly which I loved. There is no dealing with an answering service or automated system – it was as if I was calling a friend or family member. Jill answered the phone and I immediately felt her energy, passion and enthusiasm. Her personality is warm and inviting – I felt so comfortable speaking with her. You have to understand, that speaking on the phone for most trans women or men can be trigger-inducing because we are often mis-gendered. I felt no such anxiety while talking with Jill – she really put me at ease. We spent almost 30 min on the phone together – talking about what I could expect from the surgery, in regards to the first 24 hrs. and the care she was going to provide, to help sooth both my physical needs as well as emotional. Considering the amount of work I was having done, she recommended 24 hrs. of care. I was in full agreement. In retrospect – I would have never been able to manage with anything less – if anything more would have been beneficial. Also during that initial call Jill gave me the registered nurse’s background and thought are personalities would match – they totally did!

I can’t say enough about the nurse – she was wonderful. She was attentive, knowledgeable, and very kind hearted. She has experience in a high volume NYC ER, which put me at ease, as well as my mom and sister who also stayed with me, during those first 24 hrs. You would have thought I would have been really tired during those first 24 hrs. but I was a total chatter box and didn't sleep a wink. the nurse was so sweet – we talked all night. When my 24 hrs. were up – she gave me a hug and wished me the best. I have kept in touch with her since the surgery – sending her updated pictures of me. Considering the mummy wrapping I had on – I thought it was only considerate to do so – so she knew who she had cared for. Jill also followed up with me post surgery and we had a nice long chat. We got along so well!

What a memorable experience I had with both of them and I am so glad they were able to share this huge life moment with me. I’ll never forget them.”

N.N., New Jersey

“I found out about Jill Tucker’s nursing services simply through an online search. I was looking for 24-hour care, after a breast augmentation procedure. I was drawn to the specific types of care Jill was able to provide. I emailed her, only a week prior to the surgery, asking if she would be able to assist me the day of surgery. She was prompt with her response and we got in touch quickly. We spoke often regarding the details of the surgery, where I’ll be and what I’ll be needing, up until the day of surgery. She was able to rearrange our plan of care, last minute, due to a time issue. I had wonderful nursing care for the entire 24 hours, to assist me while I was recovering. Jill is extremely detailed, personable and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely seek her help again in the future.”

T.D., New York City

“I live in Georgia and had bunionplasty surgery on both feet in NYC. Scheduling surgery 1000 miles from home in an unfamiliar city was stressful as I would need to plan for a place to stay as well as any assistance I would need post-surgery. My doctor recommended I contact Jill Tucker to provide the 24/7 care I would need for the first three days following my surgery. I was immediately impressed with Jill’s attention to detail and her reassurance that she and her team could absolutely provide the care I was seeking. Jill was extremely responsive to my requests for information and provided extremely helpful tips as I prepared for my travel to NYC.

She assigned an exceptional nurse to my case, and I am convinced that my successful recovery was due to her diligent care. My nurse met me in the hospital’s recovery room and escorted me to my lodging in NYC. She made sure that the staff in the recovery room were attentive and efficient as we prepared to leave. During the three days I was under her care, she followed my doctor’s orders to the letter, administering medication, checking vitals, and applying ice packs as needed. She saw to it that I had meals and was able to navigate my way around the room in preparation for her departure. Before leaving, she consulted with my doctor on my progress, provided me with detailed instructions on my medication and care schedule, and gave me her phone number to call should I have any questions or concerns. She cared for me tirelessly and compassionately, and her presence was a great comfort. I highly recommend Jill Tucker Nursing Services to anyone needing private duty nursing care. ”

M.B., Georgia

“The IVF experience can be scary and can lead to unwanted anxiety. With my husband being on the road for work, I wanted to have a nurse by my side, to help me with my daily mix of medicines and administer shots. I found Jill Tucker through a simple internet search and could only hope for the best and what I got was better then that. Caring, compassionate and a consummate professional, Jill connected me with a private nurse who lived within 10 minutes of my home with a flexible enough schedule to accommodate my needs. Having the same nurse show up on time, every day for 14 days gave me much needed peace of mind and a new friend as an added bonus. I would highly recommend Jill Tucker Nursing to anyone looking for extra set of professional hands during their IVF experience.”

E.V., Westchester County, New York

“I contacted Jill for some cosmetic surgery that I was having (skin removal) after an 85 lb. weight loss. Jill was thoughtful and quick to follow up with me to find out more about myself, my procedure and my plans for aftercare, her thoroughness was much appreciated, it was one less thing that I had to worry about because I knew that Jill was on top of everything. After speaking to her over the phone she told me that she had the perfect nurse in mind for me, that she was a veteran in the field, and that she would go above and beyond to give me the best post-op care. The nurse did not disappoint. She was great about getting me to my hotel recovery room, and later to my home, she was attentive and anticipated my every need. I could not have asked for better. She was thorough and even made notes for my medication schedule as a guide for me after she left. I can't stress enough how necessary good nursing care is for post-op, and Jill Tucker's nursing agency was the best choice I could have possibly made.”

M.T., Fort Lee, New Jersey

“I was going in for elective surgery, and unsurprisingly, wanted to keep the event under wraps. I discovered, dangerously close to the surgery date, that an escort after surgery is legally mandated. I was in quite a predicament, since I wanted to keep the surgery to myself, yet needed an escort. I contacted Jill three days before the surgery date, and immediately. she put my mind at ease. She quickly set me up with a nurse, and gave me a good deal of advice for before and after the surgery. Her expertise really shined through. The nurse was very professional, and gave me more comfort than any friend or relative would have in terms of how to handle potential mishaps. I honestly believe this is a service worth using.”

H.D., New York City

“I contacted Jill Tucker Nursing only a few days before surgery because events in my case transpired very quickly. Jill could not have been more helpful. She was knowledgeable, experienced and enormously insightful in discussing what my specific needs would be following surgery. I cannot say enough about how caring and thoughtful she was in considering my case, and the effort she took in making sure every possibility was covered. In addition, she incorporated flexibility into the plan so that any unexpected eventuality was handled, and if less time or care was needed, that was addressed too. She was available throughout the process, from the time of surgery until after the last day of nursing care. The nurses she sent, one a R.N. and the other a Nurse Assistant, were wonderful. Again, they were experienced and caring, full of gentleness and warmth in their work. I feel grateful to have been fortunate enough to have Jill and her troop of angels care for me, and would recommend her service without reservation.”

S.E., New York

“Jill Tucker Nursing is wonderful! If you're looking for someone kind and sensitive to take care of you post-surgery, Jill really is the best person to get in touch with. Jill will do everything to accommodate you. I got in touch with Jill just three days before my surgery to request a nurse to take care of me for a few hours post-surgery. It was pretty late notice, and even at that late hour, Jill provided a nurse for me.

And the nurse she sent for me was really a god-sent! She was so caring and warm, it really made a difference in my post-recovery healing. Not only was the nurse gentle and compassionate, she was also very knowledgeable about the recovery process. I was a little scared about my surgery, so having her around eased my mind.

One of the best things about Jill's services is that she and her nurses actually do care about your well-being. I received multiple phone calls from Jill before and after the surgery, just to make sure I was doing okay. The lovely conversations I had with her really put me at ease. And, even after the nurse had left, Jill was available via her personal phone to me whenever I needed, to answer all my panicky concerns about medicines, blood dripping etc. 

I've past experiences with nurses who were quite rough. When you're in such a vulnerable state, as in post-surgery healing, this sort of harshness really does affect your mental--and physical--well-being. You really do need someone gentle and sympathetic. With Jill's nurses, you're absolutely guaranteed such care!”

T.A., Brooklyn

“Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to the patients you serve. I appreciate the attention you gave me before and after my recent surgery. Your skill level and reassuring manner gave me confidence and reduced the anxiety I felt about having the procedure. You could not have picked a more perfect nurse for the home care I needed. She was professional, competent, and thoughtful. In addition to providing excellent nursing services, she met me at the hospital, drove me to doctor’s appointments, and helped with my pets. Nursing care is very important to a patient’s recovery from illness or surgery. My rapid recovery was largely related to the nursing care I received. I strongly recommend Jill Tucker Nursing Services.”

R.M., Washington DC

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“My experience with Jill, her nurses and her service were top notch and very beneficial to me during a challenging time of poor health.

 As part of my treatment for chronic Lyme disease I had to maintain a PICC line dressing. This may sound simple but the coordination was complex and had many moving parts. Jill and her staff handled this with ease, allowing for flexibility in scheduling and communication throughout. This took much pressure off of me so that I could focus on healing.

My nurse was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She was always on time, very pleasant and did a great and thorough job. This was a welcome change from other nursing services I have experienced. I will only use Jill and her services for any future needs and will recommend her to anyone with similar needs.”

C.K., Manhattan

“Last month I went in for surgery on my left foot that I have waited years to do so my anxiety was very high to say the least the day when surgery arrived at 5am for me. I had asked my doctor to recommend a private nurse to go home with from the hospital and he recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Services and I am so glad he did. From the moment that I saw a nurse waiting for me as I left the hospital until 26 hours later, I could not have asked for someone better—who knew exactly how to take care of me. The pain did not set in until day 2 but the nurse told me what to expect, wrote down all my medications and when to take them and was a throughly wonderful intelligent woman that I so enjoyed spending spending my time with. She was extremely knowledgeable and somehow Jill Tucker knew what I needed in a nurse by asking me detailed questions before sending this beautiful angel. I will forever be grateful for this to Jill and her thoughtfulness in continuing to monitor the situation and suggesting a massage therapist for my problem. Jill is such an inspiration to the field in how attentive she is to your needs and well being. I highly recommend Jill Tucker Nursing Services if you want the very best in care, understanding and kindness.”

D.E., Manhattan

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and commitment to your clientele. You and your agency came highly recommended by the exclusive surgeon’s office in NYC. This was truly a gift from them as your experience and expertise of nursing staff was beyond wonderful. Immediately we had a connection and you were able to custom fit a nurse for our needs.

My daughter was undergoing Female Feminization Surgery and whilst walking me through the process of what would best fit our needs you skillfully maneuvered what was absolutely necessary. You suggested a nurse for 48 hours (which we chose) with the option of, if not needed, to cancel. In retrospect, I wish I had asked about the option of an additional 24 hours of care. Coming home after day surgery is totally overwhelming but with the very experienced, talented, sweet, efficient, tirelessly monitoring and caring nurse allowed me, as a mother, to breathe. The fit with nurse and patient was beyond words and the bond was immediate with all our family and we thank you so much for that. Also appreciated was the fact that you followed through with us (not only before) during and after surgery. Your kindness knows no bounds.

Our family will be eternally grateful to you Jill for making this process go so smoothly and helped immensely in the healing period.”

N.T., West Hartford, Connecticut

“Thank goodness, my surgery went well. I was very prepared thanks to Jill's advice and thoroughness and my doctor was fantastic. Unfortunately, the surgery center nurses that took care of me in recovery afterwards were quite rough. They seemed to work against each other and as a result were unorganized and scrambling to do the simplest task. I was miserable, in pain and scared that they would hurt me more.

And then, the nurse from Jill Tucker Nursing Services arrived to pick me up. She was literally like an angel sent from heaven. She was so kind, professional and compassionate. I truly would not have made it through the worst part of recovery without her expertise and vigilance. She was, by far, the best nurse I've ever encountered. From the minute she picked me up from the surgery center to taking me to my post op visit with the doctor to the moment before she left, I felt relaxed and in fantastic hands. Thank you for sending her to me. She is a total gem!”

S.F., New York City

“Jill Tucker Nursing Services is a terrific resource. I had surgery scheduled at an outpatient surgery center in Washington, DC and called Jill to discuss my need for transportation on the day of surgery and at home post-op nursing care. Our initial conversation was reassuring as I found Jill to be extremely knowledgable. We quickly settled on the a course of action for the level and length of care i would need. One particular wrinkle was I needed not only to be picked up at the outpatient center after surgery but driven to it as well. Jill easily met the challenge and was able to provide a nurse who could do this. Jill touched base again just prior to the surgery to make sure all was set, and she offered great advice on steps I could take to aid my healing. And the nurse and the care she provided were truly excellent. Overall the experience was both very professional and very caring—and I recommend Jill Tucker Nursing Services highly.”

D.P., Washington, DC

“Jill Tucker Nursing Services dealt with the needs of my 94 year-old father for a month. Throughout that entire time the two caretakers displayed an outstanding degree of both emotional care and professional competence. I would most especially recommend the service to families from Latin America as the two individuals involved were fully bilingual and were thus supremely helpful when talking to family members as my father underwent a series of medical examinations in New York City. I can attest that my father was professionally treated and with great attention paid to maintaining his dignity(helping him dress etc). After having dealt with the Jill Tucker Nursing Service during an extended stay, I cannot recommend them highly enough. My deepest thanks goes out to this organization.”

A.A.M., New York City

“I can only say wonderful things about Jill Tucker Nursing. Recently, I had surgery in NYC, away from family and friends. My surgeon recommended I contact Jill to get some post-surgical night care. I called Jill, and right from that first phone call I knew that she was professional, discerning, and intuitive. She completely understood what my needs were, what the surgeon expected (she's very well connecting up and down the East Coast medical corridor), and with whom to match me. My nurse was wonderful, making a potentially stressful situation easy and enjoyable. Moreover, I appreciated the level of discretion and privacy that Jill provided, most important given my high profile position. I will be returning! And, I recommend Jill with the utmost conviction.”

V.W., New Hope, PA

“I recently had to travel alone to NYC to undergo a surgical procedure that required aftercare. Not having my spouse or any family available to assist me, my doctor recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Services.

After I contacted other agencies for comparison purposes, it became immediately clear after speaking with Jill that her company was the right choice. Jill took the time to ask me about my care, health conditions, concerns, and got to know me as a person to ensure she placed me with the proper nurse. After my first 24 hours, I was able to transition from an RN to a nursing assistant who also accompanied me to my follow up visit two days later.

After going through this process, I can’t stress enough how important it is you consider securing an RN from Jill Tucker for aftercare, with or without family to take care of you. It was invaluable to have an RN with me during those first 24 hours of care, who met me at the doctor’s office, and accompanied me back to my hotel while I was still groggy and somewhat out of it. The things that an RN knows how to do as a trained professional such as managing the medications, changing dressings, cleaning wound areas, monitoring blood pressure and temperature, while keeping a constant eye on you during the transition from surgery to wellness is worth every penny. I am glad now to not have burdened my spouse with these things that really require a special aptitude and skillset. This was the best decision I could have made and you’ll thank yourself later for doing the same.    I should mention Jill also followed up with me three days later to be sure I was doing ok. That’s the type of care and concern she shows toward her patients. I can’t recommend Jill Tucker Services highly enough for anyone seeking for top shelf nursing services.”

G.J., Philadelphia, PA

“I have a husband, two small children and a busy home life in Boston, and when I needed to stay overnight for a surgical procedure in New York, Jill's nursing services provided the required 24-hour aftercare. I knew that having my husband at home with the kids would provide the least disruption to their daily lives, but needed someone to stay overnight with me until the 24-hour post-procedure "danger" period had passed. My plastic surgeon’s office recommended Jill's nursing services, having worked with her for seven years to rave reviews. When I called Jill, she and I came up with a great plan and within a day she matched me up with a wonderful nurses' assistant. The nurses' assistant was extremely helpful but at the same time very sensitive to giving me space—just the right balance. Jill herself was friendly, funny, and extremely easy to work with. She arranged everything so I didn't have to worry, stayed in contact with my doctor's office during the day of my procedure while I was under anesthesia so my family and I had peace of mind, called my family to give them an update, and checked in afterward with me as well. I can't recommend her services more highly!”

C.C., Boston, MA

“When I knew I needed a hysterectomy I contacted Jill Tucker and asked for help during my recuperation. Jill was friendly, professional, very organized, and she understood immediately the kind of nursing care that was needed. She was in touch several times before the procedure, discussing options, making recommendations, and the RN she provided arrived right on time. That nurse proved to be a tremendous help: not only did she have a lovely personality, she was experienced, knowledgeable and inexhaustible. My recovery would have been much slower, and much less pleasant, without her. Jill was in touch as soon as I was well enough to talk, following up, making sure all was well. Unfortunately as life goes on opportunities for surgery will inevitably occur. At such moments my first call will always be to Jill.”

B.A., New York City

“I just want to thank you for providing a valuable service for nursing care. With so much of healthcare same day or short stay, it is nice to know there is ready access to skilled nursing care beyond the usual home care providers. I was especially happy I had a PACU (Recovery Room) nurse to attend me on my first post-surgical day home as I had no idea what to expect day two. Even though I am a nurse, I was unsure what level of discomfort I would experience after having a similar procedures in 1998. The peace of mind, knowing if I could not urinate, and needed catheterization or some other nursing intervention, I would not have to run to an ER in the middle of the night.

I could have found a nursing attendant to perform some tasks at less expense, but if I got into trouble, she could not have known what to do. She allowed me to rest most of the day, but I enjoyed her company even though I did not need many of her very extensive skills. It is nice to spend a day with such a fine professional and have the peace of mind we could deal with almost anything that might come my way AND my husband could go to work. Your follow-up before the procedure and after were much appreciated. Thanks again for everything! All the best to both of you.”

G.P., Westchester, New York

“Having lost 160+ pounds following bariatric surgery 20 months ago, I opted for plastic surgery to remove the excess hanging skin that resulted from the weight loss. My plastic surgeon advised that a private nurse would be an additional safety factor for the first night of recovery and suggested we stay in a hotel near his offices on Park Avenue. He highly recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Service. My communications with Jill were detailed, and any questions or concerns were answered promptly. The nurse assigned to me was outstanding in every way: attentive, caring, communicative, knowledgeable. Her help was not only of a physical nature, but an emotional one so that my partner could enjoy a restful night's sleep and a decent meal while the nurse attended to me before she "took over" my post-surgical care the next day. My surgeon was right, and I echo his strong recommendation of Jill Tucker Nursing.”

J.J.M., New York City

“I recently underwent lumbar disc surgery in New York City as a result of a herniated disc with nerve compression and as I live alone, felt it would be helpful to have home nursing care for the initial period of recovery.

All the surgeons I met with told me it would be unnecessary but my instincts were different so I went looking for help. I called around friends but to no avail so I turned to the internet and found Jill Tucker’s nursing agency. I have to admit I was a little nervous about sourcing this type of help from a google search but having chatted with Jill for a while, I become very comfortable that she was a genuine person who could be trusted, someone who really cared about helping her clients recover quickly and had high standards for her team. So I decided to work with Jill and her team.

My judgment of Jill was absolutely right and I have to say, the nurses were all great. I had the support of a registered nurse for the first 3 days and she then handed over to a certified nursing assistant for a further 4 days. Both the individuals were super. Very focused on making sure I did what was necessary to help my recovery but also helping in any way to make things easier for me. They were attentive but also gave me lots of space. I was very well cared for. Jill was clearly in contact with the team throughout my care and making sure everything was going smoothly. I would highly recommend Jill and her agency.”

S.S., Manhattan

“I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for the care provided by the Registered Nurse arranged by Jill Tucker Nursing Services after my recent surgery. I am usually reticent to bestow accolades, but my admiration and respect for her make it easy to do.

Getting to know the nurse as she cared for me during the past few days gave me insight into the intelligence and enormous ability she has as a RN. She is an empathetic healer who consistently displays competent and trustworthy care. At the risk of using too many platitudes she is full of life and good humor and at the same time unpretentious and humble. Her demeanor reveals an extraordinarily brilliant and kind-hearted person.

In conclusion she is precisely the kind of caregiver and nurse any patient and family should welcome into their home. She is a thoughtful, proficient, and considerate professional who will bring peace of mind to any patient fortunate enough to be in her care.”

N.S., Westchester, New York

“I have only wonderful things to say about my experience with Jill Tucker Nursing Services! I was facing outpatient surgery and did not have anyone locally available to escort me home after the surgery or to help provide aftercare. I reached out to Jill just a week beforehand and she was extremely responsive, getting back to me on the same day with a detailed plan for my care.

Just one day before the procedure I found out that my schedule had changed and Jill was able to seamlessly adjust, with my nurse meeting me at the hospital just after the procedure was completed. The aftercare that I received was excellent, the nurse was highly skilled and attentive and I felt confident that I was in good hands. Every aspect of my interaction with Jill Tucker Nursing Services was expertly handled and professional. I would recommend her services without reservation. ”

G.D., Jersey City, New Jersey

“Facing an involved shoulder surgery, not having any support and expressing anxiety about my post-op situation, my surgeon’s office recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Services.  Jill was an absolute boon to me.  Surgeons are not known to be the most communicative people in the medical profession and I had no idea what to expect despite internet research. Jill walked me through what to expect and need, days 1 through 3 and then days 4 through 7. She recommended an RN for the first few days followed by a certified nursing assistant. I was sure I did not need all of this care but Jill set it all up with the flexibility to adjust the care as I wished. She also made sure the care-givers would not be allergic to my cats. I couldn’t be more grateful for her being direct and honest and flexible.

Thanks to Jill, I felt fully armed with the necessary information and realistic expectations. I did indeed require the degree and extent of care she had recommended and the nursing care I received was respectful, caring, professional and competent. They were also very good company.  The care givers were on duty 24/7, which turned out to be imperative. I remain every grateful to Jill and her team for critical post-op care and transition to being able to look after myself.”

A.L.B., Manhattan

“I have used Jill Tucker Nursing Services in both New York and in Washington, DC, each time with excellent results.

Jill Tucker is extremely nice to deal with. She is engaging and caring about the client's situation without being intrusive. She is very attentive to the individual physical needs of each patient. She exudes experience and knowledge of the nursing care milieu in both New York and Washington and is familiar with various physicians as well as hospitals, and their capabilities.

Jill is very organized in making the pick-up and delivery arrangements. She coordinates thoroughly with all concerned before the pick-up, calls early on to confirm with the client as well has her driver, and reconfirms closer to the date. Both nurse escorts Jill has selected for me have been polite and professional in their service. The nurse escort in New York was very kind, exactly on time, and took me quickly to my destination. The circumstances in Washington were a bit more complicated, because the escort had to drive and find the way into a large medical compound for the pickup. The nurse and the hospital staff coordinated closely on the pick-up time, and arrived exactly at the right place and the right time, with no wait required — a perfectly smooth transaction. Jill will also provide someone to care for the client after the surgery.

Knowing this reliable, efficient, and friendly service exists helps alleviate part of the anxiety of going for surgery. Not having the worry of transportation and post-op care provides an element of relief for the ordeal. Jill Tucker's service, at very reasonable rates, is a wonderful resource and one I sincerely endorse for anyone needing post-op nursing care.”

T.T., McLean, Virginia

“I found myself in the situation of needing urgent outpatient spinal surgery in New York, where I didn't have anyone I could call on to help me from the hospital, or stay with me for the crucial 24 hour period afterwards. Even my doctor's office seemed at a loss to find me home care help, and with just a day to finalize plans,  I resorted to the Internet, searching under "nurse care after surgery NYC", and found Jill Tucker, and her website. I was impressed with all the glowing referrals, and called Jill, who was immediately able to find the perfect nurse.

The nurse was there to meet me in the recovery station, pick up prescriptions for the required medication, get me home and settled, check dressings, administer pills, and make me comfortable for the night. She was immediately there every time I stirred or needed assistance, and made me feel safe and cared for in every possible way. I have no hesitation in referring Jill's service, and have already shared her information with my neurosurgeon, so they now have someone they can recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

D.G., New Mexico

“Deciding on a cosmetic surgeon in Manhattan is not an easy matter. There are the many consults assessing surgeon skills, their bedside manner and experience. And with fingers crossed one hopes to make the right selection. For me, finding a nurse for aftercare was far more simple! A few years ago I had an upcoming cosmetic procedure was in need of post operative care. I googled and Jill Tucker came up straight away. I picked up the phone and dialed, and within minutes of speaking to Jill I knew I found the ideal nursing service. She immediately put me at ease with her professionalism and thoughtfulness. I knew that she was passionate about providing the best care. Jill looks at her clients in an individual manner with attention to the little details that matter. 

After my procedure I felt such relief knowing the nurse Jill sent would totally tend to me and all I needed to do was rest and heal. I have had several surgeries and I am convinced that the right aftercare makes a HUGE difference in proper recovery. So when it came time for my latest “tune up” I knew right away I would take advantage of Jill Tucker Nursing’s after care once again. Her nurses are the creme de la creme. And Jill is a complete gem. Her spirit is kind and warm and she exudes positivity. When we are healing good vibes are essential. Jill's demeanor is 100% good vibes! 

I feel very fortunate to have found Jill. I have an orthopedic surgery I will need to undertake next, and knowing she will have the perfect nurse for me puts me at ease.”

C.K., Manhattan

“Jill Tucker and the nursing assistant she provided did a fantastic job helping me recover from hamstring repair surgery. I’m a Manhattan-based executive who had intended to cope with the convalescence on my own with some help from friends. Jill gave me excellent advice prior to the surgery, selected a great caregiver and looked after all the details of coordinating the pick up at the surgery center and my installation at home. The caregiver stayed with me for 24 hours and came back the following day—enough to get the medicine and other routines established and make me feel completely comfortable getting around. The caregiver had professional judgment and skills that a friend/family member wouldn’t have had, and by staying with me continuously for the first 24 hours took the burden off of everyone else. Jill was on call to answer any questions and checked in regularly. Her organization was thoroughly professional and competent.”

A.W., Manhattan

Plastic Surgery Care Experience Plastic Surgery Care

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“I wanted to thank you very much for providing me such top quality nurses especially since I called with less than 24 hours notice before my husband's hand surgery. Each nurse was professional as well as kind and gave my husband the attention and care he needed for the first 48 hours after surgery. They also gave me the peace of mind and reassurance that he was healing well and made the post surgery period much less stressful.”

W.L., Manhattan

“When my wife first scheduled her very complicated foot surgery I knew that caring for her at home was going to be a great challenge for us, so I reached out to a very well respected surgeon that I had met along the way to ask him to suggest an RN concierge service and he recommended Jill Tucker Nursing Service. After my initial conversation with Jill I knew that this was the best call I could have ever made. After adjusting her busy nursing schedule to accommodate our needs we set up a schedule that would give us 24/7 in home nursing service on an immediate basis, and although my wife initially delayed the implementation of this service for three days thinking “we” could do this alone (we battled and struggled through those first three days), she then said we must do this.

From the moment our RN arrived at our home in Rockland County, NY, a feeling of calmness took over and we felt at ease for the first time since the surgery. It was going to be a long recovery process, but with the professional help that we brought on through Jill I can honestly say that the healing process moved along a lot quicker than if we tried this on our own. Through pain management, comfort for my wife and the constant care given and shown to my wife a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders as I knew that I could not give her the care she needed and deserved.…it was something I just didn’t know how to do.

My wife took to our RN almost immediately and after a few days they were inseparable as they worked their way through taking care of the post-op needs as well as the “normal” parts of life, like the once easy tasks of taking a shower, using the bathroom (many late night visits), cooking meals (which they enjoyed doing together) or just getting the laundry done… our RN was all in on this process and in actuality became a trusted member of our family during the six weeks that she was with us. As my wife became more mobile over time the three of us even ventured out for dinner a few times (never would I have tried this alone) and the idea and feeling of normalcy began to return to our lives.

Follow up visits to the surgeon were also simplified as our RN joined us, and made sure that my wife was comfortable in the car on the trips to NYC and making it much easier to access the doctor’s office as well (things you just don’t initially think about)… the thought of having my wife being attended to so professionally and with loving care allowed me to go back to work without any worry as well as to take in a couple of NY Yankee games… I guess I was allowed to have a few minutes to myself once in a while.

When my wife and her new pal(RN) said goodbye after the six weeks they did so with a big hug and some tears, but they both new that my wife was in a much better place because of this extraordinary care and service offered by Jill and her staff. My wife actually “walked” her to the door (how fitting). Thanks again for being part of our lives.”

M.S., Rockland County, NY 

“I cannot say enough about Jill Tucker and the nurse she chose for me. As a physician and mother of three children, having surgery for the first time was extremely anxiety provoking. Jill spent a lot of time assessing my personality and needs in order to choose the best nurse possible. She truly personalizes each situation and her pre-surgery advice was right on target. My nurse was extremely attentive, knowledgable, kind and professional and yet she was very good about giving me privacy and encouraging me to be independent. I made an unusually speedy recovery and I know that having great nursing care the first few days after surgery is the reason.”

K.W., (M.D.) NYC 

“The nurse was absolutely fabulous. If I was grading her for an exam, I don't know what I could possibly take one point from 100 for… she was terrific, just absolutely superb.”

P.H., Manhattan

“Thank you so much for the wonderful choice of nurses you sent—she was just perfect: kind, efficient, and professional. We felt safe with the advice she gave us. She respected our privacy (in a very small space). We feel so blessed to have had her there to make our experience a much better one. What a great job you have done. You knew exactly what we needed.”

K.H., Manhattan

“Our entire experience with Jill Tucker Nursing was exceptional. The nurses who cared for my husband were not only extremely competent, they were also very caring and compassionate and a pleasure to have in our apartment. Additionally, Jill is a wealth of information and personally answers the phone herself. I called Jill on a Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. and the next morning one of her nurses was at our door. Jill was recommended by a friend and I would highly recommend her to my nearest and dearest.”

S.B., Manhattan

“I have a rare condition that was hard to find the right doctor that could help me. Doctors would refer me to other doctors that wouldn’t even handle my case so I wasted a lot of my time and money while reaching dead ends. I sadly couldn’t count on doctors recommendations so I had to research myself. Once finding Jill, she made what was a long and draining search a breeze.

I personally cannot trust doctor reviews online so having Jill research and confirm the doctors credibility made me feel more secure. She got me referrals really fast and all her recommendations were perfect matches for me. Thanks to her recommendations, I found a surgeon I am comfortable and confident with and finally have answers.”

M.J., Westchester, NY

“I want to thank you for your guidance and support around my plastic surgery procedure and I am so glad I listened to you about the nursing care. As you know, I was quite panicky leading up to my surgery (which is not like me) and not only did you talk me off the ledge but calmed me to the point where I realized I was valid in wanting the procedures in the first place.

I also cannot thank you enough for sending your nurses to care for me. I could not have asked for more caring, comforting and well-trained medical care. I felt taken care of as a patient and a person. The condition one is in after surgery is quite humbling and vulnerable but I was able to let go and be cared for because they made me feel so comfortable. Some of my post-surgery time is a blur but what I do know is what a pleasure it was to have them in my home in Westchester.

My surgical experience was that much better because of the care you and the nurses provided, and I am so very appreciative.”

W.D., Westchester, NY

“Jill Tucker was SO easy to work with! I live and work overseas. My sister, who lives alone, required shoulder surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital, planning to handle everything on her own. One call to Jill and my sister was in the best of hands immediately. Even though I found out about the crisis on a holiday weekend, and Washington DC was shut down by a blizzard the next day (the day of the surgery), Jill found the RIGHT nurse for us, got her to the hospital on time to get my sister ready to go home, got her settled in properly, and took care of everything over the next days until my sister was ready and able to function on her own. From the first phone call, I knew instinctively that my sister was in the best hands possible.”

G.E., Mexico

“A simple knee surgical procedure was more complicated than we were prepared for. Late the night of surgery, a family member had to find a nurse who could help. Jill answered the phone immediately, understood the uncontrolled pain and confusion and said, 'I will send you an angel.' And she did. The nurse was knowledgeable, experienced and knew how to help all of us. Jill's commitment and the nurse's commitment helped us all get through this unexpected medical ordeal. We cannot recommend her services more highly.”

L.L., NY, NY

“Jill Tucker Nursing Services came through for me when I suddenly became ill. I found them on the Web and could tell right away that this was an attentive organization, truly sensitive to the specific needs of the patient. Jill Tucker herself ensured that the right match was made. The nurse fit all of the qualifications that were promised to me: professional, accommodating, thorough and sensitive. Jill's ability to find the right nurse on a holiday weekend was a true blessing.”

B.G., Manhattan

“I elected to have some cosmetic surgery and found Jill Tucker’s services for nursing care on the internet. She was very responsive and informative. Clearly, she is experienced and knows nursing needs for patients after surgery. I was provided a very capable and kind nurse to pick me up from the doctor’s office and spend the night with me. I felt very safe and comfortable with her – she was extremely attentive but in no way intrusive. I have been provided much support from Jill and I appreciate her sincere concern for my recovery. I thought I might not be able to afford such nursing care but I would do it again in a minute. The nursing care along with Jill’s attention to detail and follow-up, has been invaluable.”

N.B., Manhattan

“Jill Tucker and her Nursing Services exceeded my expectations by far.  I had such a great experience from Day 1 with Jill.  On the day of surgery, my nurse was on time and very helpful.  I will definitely be using Jill and her nursing services again in the future.”

J.M., New York City

“I was beside myself with worry and fear. But, after I talked to Jill, a very human voice of reason, and comfort, I felt in control again. One act of compassion can make a difference. Jill Tucker Nursing made a big difference to me and that will be remembered. Thank you for all of your time, effort and heartfelt concern with my medical dilemma. Don’t ever think that the word "caring" has been removed from the dictionary!”

K.O., Maryland 

“Upon learning from an orthopedist that my knee injury required arthroscopic surgery, and knowing that I would need help with transport to home outside of Washington DC plus initial post-op care at home, I was elated to find out from an internet search that Jill Tucker Nursing Services specialize in providing exactly that type of outpatient post-surgical nursing care. The nurse provided by Jill Tucker was a very helpful, courteous man who was able to get me settled in at home post-op, and provide the initial care needed in the first few hours after surgery.

Jill herself is a wonderful person, easy to communicate with, and understands a patient’s needs. She was also readily available by phone or email during the pre-op planning phase of the surgery.

I happily endorse her services, which were priced very favorably.”

P.I., Northern Virginia

“I was referred to Jill Tucker's Nursing service by my surgeon after I elected to undergo a cosmetic procedure out of town and decided not to tell my friends or family.

The nurses at my surgeons office said no one could compare to Jill, they said and they were SO right!! From the moment we spoke (she called me minutes after I had emailed her requesting information - what service!) I was at ease. Jill gave wonderful, thorough answers to all of my questions about my upcoming procedure as well as invaluable advice about post and pre-op care. She never made me feel hurried or like ‛just another client‛. She was also so respectful and supportive of my privacy and the private nature of the procedure I was undergoing. She understood, and that meant everything to me!

I had to reschedule my surgery date at the last moment, and Jill didn't miss a beat, easily changing her times to suit my needs. The day of My surgery, I was lovingly taken care of and tucked into to my hotel where I recouped on my own for a few days. Jill was supportive through it all, checking in on me, sending texts and answering any questions I had as well as listening with humor and kindness when I told her something I couldn't say to anyone else....That I looked like a swollen Herman Munster! I know she has heard it all before...and she was very reassuring! And of course she was right. 3 weeks following my operation, I love what I see in the mirror. I cannot recommend Jill highly enough, and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

A.N., Boston, MA

“I had never had surgery before and was extremely nervous about the procedure. I also told very few people about my procedure and needed post-op help and care.  From the first time I spoke with Jill, she was extremely attentive, sincere, warm, and helpful.  She was also incredibly patient about addressing my many questions and concerns.

I was very impressed with how accessible Jill was and that she was always willing to take the time to listen to me. I never had to go through an assistant when I called. No matter how busy her schedule was or how late it was, she always treated me as her priority.  This level of care continued even after the surgery. I received calls from Jill and her staff in the days following my surgery, and Jill gave me extensive advice on the post-op process.

Because I had so many questions, it was invaluable for me to be able to speak with someone with so many years of experience. Not only did Jill make arrangements for my post-op care at my home in Washington DC; she also advised me about choosing a surgeon, various aspects of the procedure, and post-op recovery preparations.

The nurse Jill arranged to take care of me after my surgery was very sweet, caring, and attentive. I felt very well-cared for.

I feel very fortunate that I found Jill and am very grateful for the wonderful care she and her staff provided to me.”

A.O., Washington D.C.

“It's uncommon in today's society to encounter superior service.  I would like to express my great appreciation for the wonderful care I received with the help of the Jill Tucker Nursing Services during my recuperation from nasal surgery. Many thanks.”

B.S., New York

“Excellent—skilled and caring nursing service provided. Moreover, organized with MBA quality administration. Highly recommended.”

M.K., Manhattan

“Preparing for any type of surgery can be a daunting task—let alone having time to wonder how you will feel and who will care for you after it is completed. Fortunately, Jill Tucker's nursing service put me completely at ease prior to my procedure. I spoke with Jill and we discussed the nature of my surgery, my medical history, and my needs and desires during recovery. She did an amazing job of matching me with an excellent nurse who cared for me in the days to follow. I would highly recommend Jill's trusted nursing services.”

S.F., New York City

Plastic Surgery Care Experience Plastic Surgery Care

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

“It is my hope that anyone facing medical recovery should be as fortunate as I was to have a truly compassionate, patient, thorough, thoughtful, and wise advisor such as Jill Tucker. Jill, and the incredible nurse she selected for me, exceeded my every expectation. In all honesty, I was ill-prepared for the surgery and recovery I was about to face. My extremely busy professional and family life didn't leave much time for the necessary preparations. Jill provided so much guidance and really took the time to ask questions about my procedure and about me(!), that I truly felt she was personally invested in my well-being and proper recovery. She was even willing to answer the questions and allay the fears of my mother-in-law! Jill began caring for me the day we were introduced, and she's continued to follow up on my recovery 2 months post-op.

I'm usually a very nervous person when it comes to medical procedures (I typically tear up at the dentist!), but I was remarkably calm and relaxed on the day of my operation, which was owed in no small part to Jill. I knew that I was in excellent hands with my surgeon, and I knew that I was going to be well-taken care of post-op by a knowledgeable and highly trained professional who had been carefully selected for me and my recovery needs.

When my nurse met me at the hospital following my surgery, I knew that my healing process could begin! The nurse's soothing, caring quality was complemented by her determined (but diplomatic) advocacy for my well-being with the hospital nurses. When I left the hospital and moved to in-home care,I was never without pillows, healthy food, a warm smile and a helping hand. The nurse's compassion, patience, and empathy were truly a blessing, and I am so grateful for the  care that I received.

To say this is a recommendation of the very highest order is an understatement; however, I cannot fully articulate how appreciative I am to Jill and her wonderful staff. ”


“I just wanted to pass along the feedback that I have received from the family of the patient. They are beyond pleased with the nurse and say she is worth every penny. They expressed how wonderful she is (knowledgeable and personable) and that the patient looks forward to her visit every day. She has surpassed all expectations. I am so happy to hear such rave reviews from our patients and hope you will pass on the positive feedback to your nurse. I know if they ever need a nurse in the future, they will be calling you! Thank you so much for all your help and your wonderful nurse!”

P.P., Practice Manager, Washington DC

“Jill Tucker is an angel.  Last month (December 2012) I needed long distance (50 miles) transport following an outpatient surgical procedure at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.  Two days before my surgery, after several weeks of contacting, and ultimately being turned away by every available medical transport service in my area because of the travel distance, I was stuck with no help in sight. I called my surgeon's office on a long shot, never thinking they would be able to help me with my personal arrangements.

They gave me Jill Tucker's name and I immediately called and left her a message. To my surprise and relief she called me back within an hour, and sensing my desperation she instantly reassured me that she could help me. She inquired about my procedure and right away began describing what my recovery experience would be like... she was already taking care of me better than my doctors had!  I decided immediately that I needed not only transport but overnight nursing care. She assigned to me a wonderful nurse who met me in the hospital recovery room, took my post-op instructions from the doctors, drove me home (50 miles!) and stayed by my side overnight.  She was steady, capable, attentive, kind and an all-around lovely person.  She managed my medication and my every physical need, which I would most definitely NOT have been able to manage alone.

My whole experience with Jill was a "10 out of 10," from my first words on the phone with her, through the nursing care she provided and her final follow-up call to me. What she provided was so much more than expert service; it was compassionate care as intimate and humane as one might hope for from a loved one. If I ever again need, or have a friend in need, of home nursing care I will absolutely call Jill.”

D.N., Washington, DC

“Last July I contacted Jill to hire a registered nurse for postoperative care. Jill was clear, honest and extremely professional in handling my request. She was very thorough, finding out exactly what my requirements were and was able to promptly assigned a nurse that proved to be a perfect match for me. My nurse turned out to be fantastic, attentive, cordial, extremely competent, hardworking and responsible.

She was with me 24 hours and if I as much as moved in bed she was there to assist, always knowing exactly what to do to make a painful situation better.  It was as if having a loving family member around. As it turned out, my recovery took longer than I had anticipated so I asked Jill again for another nurse. My second nurse was also a first rate professional. I am extremely grateful to Jill and her staff and would recommend them wholeheartedly. Hiring Jill Tucker's services was one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

A.A., New York City

“I just wanted to let you know that the nurse from your Nursing Services provided excellent care to me after my plastic surgery procedure last week. She helped to keep me comfortable and made sure I took my medications when needed. She was so pleasant, and this also enabled my husband to be reassured that I was in capable hands. Thank you so much. The nurse you provided is a gem. ”

J.G., New York

“This was the first time I had undergone surgery of any kind, so of course I wanted the best post-operative care. I could tell from my initial phone call with Jill that she and her staff were well-trained and conscientious, as well as caring. She made sure that I understood each aspect of my post-operative care, and she was careful to select those staff members that not only were knowledgeable about my procedure, but also would be compatible on a personality level. She picked two wonderful RN's who made the post-operative stage a breeze with their attentiveness and compassion. I would recommend Jill Tucker's services to anyone considering post-operative care in the comfort of her own home.”

W.F., Washington DC

“Let's face it, any type of surgery is a scary thing. After the decision to have surgery, my doctors office explained to me that I would be recovering at a hotel with a private nurse. My Doctor and his staff assured me that they only use one agency and that they were simply the best — Jill Tucker Nursing.

As the surgery got closer my nerves were heightened. I received a phone call the day before from Jill herself. After five minutes all my worry was washed away. Jill was so wonderful, taking her time explaining everything that was going to happen and what I needed to pack. Further more she took her time and knowledge to answer every question I had, with wonderful patience and kindness. She assured me that she has been in the business for over 20 years, and being a nurse herself she hand picks her staff very carefully and that the nurses were truly the best a person could have. Jill made me feel so calm and confident for the surgery that lay ahead.

After my surgery when I was ready to go to the hotel I was met by my nurse who knew exactly what to do to help me move and be transported, having that safe and confident feeling right away when you are still drugged and in pain is a feeling like no other. Once I was put in my bed, which she knew exactly how to set up with pillows so I would be as comfortable as possible, she immediately organized the supplies and medication. She was beyond attentive and efficient. She knew exactly what to do, and when to do it. On top of her amazing nursing skills, she was so kind, so gentle; she was simply a gift, an angel. Not only did it ease my pain and worry, but it eased all the worry of my family and friends. They didn't have to take on any of the burden that can fall upon people after a love one has surgery. She took the best care of me, clocking every medication I had to take, feeding me every time I needed to be fed, drained everything that need to be checked and drained, but most of all her kindred spirit made me feel not only was a professional taking care of me, a friend was. She never left my side for more than five minutes if I was alone, and watched me sleep to monitor my breathing and comfort levels.

How could you ask for anything more? Being a born-and-raised Manhattanite, I have truly seen it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jill Tucker Nursing is simply on its own level of astonishment. After being in my own home for a couple of days, Jill called me to see how I was feeling and to ask if everything was ok. Again she was wonderful, going out of her way to see how my progress was, and to let me know if I had questions about my current surgery, upcoming procedures or any doctors I would ever need, to not hesitate to contact her. There is truly not enough I could say that would describe my experience from the first phone call to the last. If I, my family or friends would ever need a private nurse again, with no hesitation I would use and highly recommend Jill Tucker Nursing Agency. When it comes to your health and the people you love, you only want the best, and Jill Tucker Nursing is it.”

O.S., Manhattan

“I was at a loss when a dear widowed friend became critically ill and required home nursing care. I went to the web and found Jill Tucker Nursing Services. I spoke with Ms. Tucker at length about the patient, his needs and concerns. She was instantly able to find two outstanding nurses who not only gave medical care; but were sensitive and compassionate. They were unobtrusive and blended into his life seamlessly. The family is forever grateful!”

Roslyn H., Manhattan

“When Jill called the day before my elective surgery, I was extremely impressed by her warmth, professionalism and assurances that her nurses were in a class by themselves. She asked relevant questions without being pushy, listened to my concerns and spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with me, sensing my need for a calming influence as I approached the “big day”.

Still, being well-aware of how cranky I can be after the ill-effects of anesthesia and my low tolerance for pain, I was not optimistic that any nurse could/would make a difference. I am also uncomfortable with some of the up-close-and-personal aspects of having a nurse and dreaded feeling self-conscious with this total stranger.  What a surprise and relief!  In my foggy,  after-surgery consciousness, my nurse guided me like an angel to my overnight hotel like I was floating above the clouds. 

As anticipated, my discomfort was significant and I had a hard time sleeping, but my recovery nurse did everything humanely possible to make me comfortable on every level. She knew when I needed her before I made a sound, doing exactly what needed to be done in her professional, gentle manner.  To anyone finding themselves feeling vulnerable and in pain after surgery, experiencing such kindness and competence in one person is truly remarkable. For me she was perfect - I couldn't have asked for more. My first night after surgery would have been an entirely difference experience had I had a nurse of a different caliber.  It started me on the right path to complete healing after my surgery.  I would recommend Jill Tucker Nursing to anyone needing nursing of this kind. The best of the best.”

L.M., New Jersey

“Jill Tucker Nursing provides excellent care. Through my initial recovery from surgery, Jill ensured I had the right level of care at home. I didn't need to worry about anything. In addition Jill was very responsive and addressed both my needs and my need for privacy by matching me with the right individual from her team. A very positive experience.”

Ruth S., Manhattan

“When my 89-year old husband had a bad fall, Jill Tucker saved the day.  She sent us a wonderful nurse who gently cleaned and dressed the wounds and then came regularly to redress the bandages.  We were so grateful for Jill's thoughtful attention and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of home care nursing.”

M.K.L.S., Manhattan

Plastic Surgery Care Experience Plastic Surgery Care

Nursing Services • 212.431.3029 • 917.439.2309 •

“Jill Tucker was a godsend to me. I was referred to her by my surgeon when I requested private nursing services. I have had numerous surgeries and there is nothing worse than coming out of hours of surgery in pain and with a dry mouth and begging over and over for pain medication and ice chips that don't come for hours. I decided the only way to prevent that is to hire skilled staff to care for me when I was unable to do so.

Jill was kind and thoughtful, took detailed notes of my requests and concerns and booked nurses to attend to me both immediately after my surgeries in the hospital and to take care of me for several days in my home while I was incapacitated. Jill had everything organized prior to my surgery and gave me information about her suggested nurses so I didn't have to worry. The women she chose to work with me were fantastic. Strong, kind, attentive women who took care of my surgical wounds and dressings, cooked for me and fed me, shopped for food, picked up medications when necessary, cleaned drains, dispensed medications and kept notes for the doctors, made sure I was clean, stayed next to my bed all night attending every need after major surgery. The nurses she supplied were appropriate, attentive and kind.

I used Jill's services for two major surgeries and would highly recommend her. My sister used her nurses when she had surgery. There is no way I would subject myself to being in the hospital and being vulnerable without Jill's assistance in supplying me with skilled and caring nurses.”

Amanda R., New York City

“I met Jill Tucker in a social setting and, in the course of our conversation, I determined that she owned a private nursing service. As luck would have it, I was planning to have major spine surgery later in the year. I was correctly told by many people that I would be well advised to arrange for a private duty nurse for a period of time after I was released from the hospital. The surgery went well and the nurse that Jill provided for me was perfectly suited to my needs. She was highly experienced and expertly provided all of my post-surgery needs including diet, medications and exercise.

Jill was concerned about my care, professional in her role and very easy to work with. I am most grateful for the part she played in my recovery and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of private nursing service. ”

Marvin B., New York City

“When I scheduled cosmetic surgery, I asked my plastic surgeon for a recommendation for post surgery nursing care. How lucky for me that the surgeon’s office recommended Jill Tucker and when I spoke to Jill on the telephone, I just knew I would have the best care. Jill sent me one of the best. I had care for a few days and I attribute my comfort and good healing to the quality of my care. Jill Tucker Nursing Services is a class act, professional from the top down. Thank you Jill for making my after plastic surgery experience the best it could have been. ”

P.M., Manhattan

“My experience with Jill Tucker Nursing Services was one of total satisfaction. I was bed ridden for an entire week after my orthopedic surgery and the around the clock nurses were caring, loving, and attended to every one of my needs. I was treated with compassion and felt that they treated me as an individual, not just another case on their list. Jill Tucker would personally call intermittently to make sure I was satisfied and that I was being well taken care of. The level of professionalism provided was astounding. It is not often in this day and age; with people being so busy and in such a hurry to get things done, that you get the type of care that I received from the nurses. The services provided alleviated a lot of the stress that is expected after having surgery and having to rely on others to take care of your every need. I highly recommend the services of Jill Tucker Nursing Services.”

B.C., New York City

“In having elective surgery, my Park Avenue physician’s office recommended Jill's after care service. I was so pleased in using her services - her staff are simply ‘angels’! They are comforting, compassionate and immediately responsive to your needs. It made me feel so safe to know a qualified medical professional was by my side immediately post op to handle anything from changing dressings to administering routine pain meds. Jill is prompt and so efficient at scheduling and has great follow up to ensure all is well for her clients and is highly involved in her staffing. Eliminate the worry of after care to help you heal better - and feel very comfortable knowing all is well with Jill's services!”

L.P., Patient

“I met Jill in 2007 when our new constructed surgery center opened on Park Avenue in New York City. Although the demand had yet to present itself, I had been looking for private duty nursing care for our patients who needed assistance at home. It was as though Jill could see into my mind the day she stopped by the office. It was clear upon her introduction that she was wise to the special needs of recovering elective surgery patients. Upon our first referral to her and her nursing staff, I was pleased with the feedback that I had gotten from our patient. Not only did the nurse who cared for our patient get a positive review but Jill as well. It was a “win – win” out of the gate.

Having known Jill for the better part of the last 4 years, she is our practice go-to for at home nursing in addition to staffing needs for our office operating room. At a moments notice she is able to arrange assistance in a multitude of ways. Her professional manner and rapid follow-up is fantastic and both Jill and her staff are valued tremendously.”

Jillian, Director, New York City

“Jill Tucker was recommended by my surgeon's office when I requested post-operative nursing care. Her nursing service was absolutely invaluable. She helped organize all matters related to my nursing care from nutritional preparation, surgical supplies, to setting up the nursing schedule. It made such a difference having the nurses with me full time throughout my recovery period. I was really able to relax and take comfort in the feeling that my care was in the hands of professionals. ”

Robert W., Manhattan

“We have worked together for a number years, as she has provided our office with nurses for both recovery and private duty. Ms. Tucker is very detail oriented, efficient and knowledgeable. I have found that no matter what the situation is, she is able to suit the needs of the patients and keep the doctor happy, which is no small feat. I always feel confident when I give Jill a case that I can cross it off of my list as it is in the best possible hands. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who makes my job just a little bit easier.”

Aimee DeGrazia, Patient Coordinator, Upper East Side, New York City

“An incredibly easy, convenient, must-have nursing service! Jill and staff are professional, competent and efficient. I highly recommend.”

Jackie F., Practice Manager, New York City

“My doctor's office recommendeded Jill Tucker. When I first spoke with her, she put me at ease. Jill is not only informative and efficient, but warm, personable, and trustworthy. Her nurses were the perfect fit to help me recover from my surgical procedure. I firmly believe that her nursing services greatly contributed to my overall health and recovery.”

J.R., Manhattan

Health care professionals include Registered Nurses, LPN’s, CNA’s, Visiting Nurses, Aides, Medical Assistants, Home Companions and Therapists, and are available for home or travel.

Jill Tucker Nursing Services offers the finest experienced health care professionals catering to a small clientele. Staff and services are available in the New York metropolitan area and Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. Select care also available in Southern California.

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