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The importance of arranging for experienced nursing care service before and after cosmetic surgery

There are many reasons for choosing plastic surgery. The patient may be seeking aesthetic improvements, or the surgery may be necessary to alleviate pain or correct a malady. Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure may be one of the most important decisions of a person's life. Whether it's an abdominoplasty ('tummy tuck'), rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, or a complete mommy makeover, Jill Tucker Nursing Services provides the care and guidance needed to ease the surgical procedure and ensure a recovery that leads to superior results.

Jill Tucker RN

Plastic surgery recovery nurse care

Patients often have same concerns: when they can return to work, return to social activities and daily routines. The first 48 hours sets the foundation for proper healing. Careful step-by-step pre-surgery preparation allays any patient concerns and establishes a positive physical and psychological foundation for the surgery. A patient's medical history and any previous surgeries will be addressed. Registered nurses are carefully chosen and often placed in teams, establishing a comfortable familiarity with each patient and assuring the flow of care. A detailed and comprehensive coverage plan is tailored for each patient, based on Jill Tucker's 25 years of plastic surgery nursing care.

The best nursing compliments the work of the best doctors

The same quality and expertise a patient seeks in a doctor should be sought for in nursing care. Specialized nurses in plastic surgery care have the experience to speed the healing process, effectively address any discomfort, minimize downtime, and to assist with the emotional and physical nature of the surgery. At any time during the recovery process, professional assessments can be made at bedside by an experienced registered nurse. Investing in advance in the best nursing care helps to ensure the optimal post-surgical results.

Providing peace of mind is part of the patient-nurse relationship

A recent note of gratitude for Jill Tucker Nursing Services:
“I was looking for 24-hour care, after a breast augmentation procedure. I was drawn to the specific types of care Jill was able to provide. I emailed her, only a week prior to the surgery, asking if she would be able to assist me the day of surgery. She was prompt with her response and we got in touch quickly. We spoke often regarding the details of the surgery, where Iíll be and what Iíll be needing, up until the day of surgery. She was able to rearrange our plan of care, last minute, due to a time issue. I had wonderful nursing care for the entire 24 hours, to assist me while I was recovering. Jill is extremely detailed, personable and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely seek her help again in the future.”
T.D., New York City

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Jill Tucker has nurtured an alliance with the premier surgeons in the highest ranking medical offices on the East Side of Manhattan, carefully hand picking and establishing her elite staff of specialized healthcare professionals which includes Registered Nurses, LPNís, CNAís, Visiting Nurses, Aides, Medical Assistants, Home Companions and Therapists, available for home or travel.

Jill Tucker Nursing Services offers access to the finest experienced health care professionals catering to a small clientele. Staff and services are available in the New York metropolitan area and Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. Select care also available in Southern California.

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