The Guinea Pig Club: They Were Heroes of World War II And They Revolutionized Plastic Surgery  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “At the dawn of modern plastic surgery, it wasn't enough for visionary surgeons, like Archie McIndoe, tending to disfigured British airman during World War II, to simply 'patch up' his patients. He insisted on cosmetic reconstructions that would allow his patients to re-enter society with heads held high. In this fascinating excerpt from Dr. Kevin Fong's new book "Extreme Medicine: How Exploration Transformed Medicine in the Twentieth Century" we learn about McIndoe and his cadre of brave patients who used dark humor and bonhomie to withstand the rigors and trepidations of being the

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Bring Back the Lyme Vaccine  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Almost everyone knows someone who has had Lyme disease. Can a vaccine help to prevent the onset of Lyme disease? Or do the potential side effects, identified in some earlier clinical studies, make this vaccine prohibitive.” Bring Back the Lyme Vaccine NY  September 18, 2013

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