The Role Of The Nurse As Patient Advocate 

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the healthcare system. Arrange to have an experienced Registered Nurse to be your advocate, advisor, and “well-being protector”. Whether waiting in an Emergency Room, admitted to a hospital room or simply visiting a doctor, having a patient-advocate, who is well-versed in the detail and procedures surrounding modern institutional healthcare, can make your patient experience more valuable and rewarding. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to schedule a nurse patient-advocate to be by your side for all of your important healthcare procedures. The Role Of The Nurse As Patient Advocate  July 18,

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If Only The Patient Had An Advocate  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Requests for 'Patient Advocates' are on the rise. Patient Advocates—often RN's or licensed healthcare professionals—can be at the bedside of the patient during hospital stays, or accompany them on doctor's visits. With revolving-door hospital policies that nullifies the priorities of the patient, Patient Advocates provide a strong and clear voice that rises above the hospital din, and assures that the patient is heard.” If Only The Patient Had An Advocate  May 1, 2013 

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