Nursing’s Ethical Commitment To Effective Patient Communication  

Jill Tucker nurses have followed this rule for the entirety of their careers: Use compassion and empathy, along with an acute acquired intelligence, to be fully sensitive to a patient’s cultural beliefs, values and language. Working within the country’s most renowned health care institutions, highly experienced nurses from Tucker Nursing Services understand that communication and engagement with the patient facilitates a smooth and rapid recovery, and strengthens the healing bond between the patient and caregiver. Nursing’s Ethical Commitment To Effective Patient Communication

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How Nurses Are Caring For Their Communities  

Nurses have an innate tendency to care it’s what they do. So it’s not surprising that nurses find time in their busy lives to volunteer in their communities, spreading cheer and good will outside of the hospital and home setting. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services understand the importance of community—coming together and caring about the people and places closest to them. During Nurses Week please remember how nurses have the ability to make everything look and feel better. How Nurses Are Caring For Their Communities  May 8, 2017

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