Some N.Y. Nurse Practitioners To Be Freed Of Doc Supervision In 2015  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Beginning this year, nurse practitioners in New York state, who have two years of full-time practice experience, are no longer required to have physician oversight. This allows nurse practitioners, particularly in under-served rural areas, to assist patients when doctors are in short supply. And with time management being a chief complaint among overworked physicians, nurse practitioners can pick up the slack (while reducing patient costs) and allow doctors to devote more quality time to patient care.” Some N.Y. Nurse Practitioners To Be Freed Of Doc Supervision In 2015 Modern Healthcare  December 30, 2014

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The Case for Seeing a Nurse Instead of a Doctor 

Jill Tucker, RN says: “The large number of Americans who have enrolled under the ACA will mean more demands on health care providers. Up to that task are the nation's nurses, who are finally getting some help from state legislators. New York State just announced that nurse practitioners with more than two years of experience no longer need to pay to have an 'onsite' physician. This small gesture will make it easier for nurse practitioners, who can do much of the same work as doctors, to put their skills to full use.” The Case for Seeing a

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