Midwives For The Dying  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Midwives have always been there to assist women in pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Now as the baby boom population ages, midwives are being called upon to help close out the cycle of life, and assist patients and families at the end. Midwives ease the transition from life to death by administering the same kind of care, compassion and privacy that they bring to the process of birth.” Midwives For The Dying Atlantic.com  December 16, 2013 

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The Next Step for End-of-Life Care  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “ ‘Ask your doctor’. But your doctor receives much greater compensation from Medicare and Medicaid to perform tests or procedures than to sit and discuss preventative care or long-term planning. A new bill would level that paying field and provide greater reimbursement to doctors engaging in “cognitive services”—professional thought, judgement and opinions on topics such as end-of-life scenarios and DNR requests. For many patients, talk can be a very valuable treatment.” The Next Step for End-of-Life Care Atlantic.com  September 9, 2013 

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