Holiday Emergency Planner: 8 ER Tips That Can Save Your Life  

Holiday times are joyous occasions spent with family and friends. But they can also be dangerous times. Factors such as travel, stress and accidents due to inclement weather contribute to the annual uptick of hospital visits and emergencies during the holiday season. Don’t spend the holidays sitting in an emergency room or waiting for a callback from the doctor. Arrange for a private registered nurse or certified nursing assistant to come to your home or hotel and provide immediate and professional care. Give yourself the gift of good health this holiday season. Holiday Emergency Planner: 8 ER

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Yelp Adds Emergency Room Wait Times to Its Hospital Review Pages  

Reviews are a good guide to finding the service that is best for you. Jill Tucker Nursing has received dozens of positive reviews—sincere testimonials and honest thanks from patients and clients who were pleased with the attention to detail, and the personalized treatment, that they received from Jill Tucker. Read a variety of notes, both new and old, from patients and clients on the Jill Tucker Nursing Testimonials page. Yelp Adds Emergency Room Wait Times to Its Hospital Review Pages Time.Com   August 5, 2015

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