The Hidden Patient Experience  

Large health care institutions are just beginning to recognize the importance of understanding the full patient experience. Knowing the patient’s intimate needs and preferences has always been part of the preparatory care provided by Jill Tucker Nursing, resulting in a more comfortable post-surgical period and a more rapid recovery. The Hidden Patient Experience  December 2016

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Unapologetically A Nurse  

Neither angel nor vixen be. The nurse is a complex creature—capable of great caring and compassion but quick of mind and with muscle. It is a noble pursuit, but fraught with hazard and peril. Head held high, and without apologies, the nurses go into battle each day, fighting for the patient, fighting the good fight. It’s not glamorous, and it may get a little dirty, but it is a calling unlike any other. Unapologetically A Nurse Huffington Post   August 17, 2015

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