Best Hospitals For Orthopedics  

Jill Tucker began her nursing career at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, working alongside the best orthopedic surgeons and nurses to provide care to patients undergoing a number of surgical procedures. Today, Jill Tucker Nursing Services draws from the pool of nursing talent currently affiliated with HSS, recently ranked as the top Adult Orthopedics Hospital in the country. Patients recovering from orthopedic surgery seeking private care from the most experienced nurses in New York City can contact Jill Tucker to make arrangements. Best Hospitals For Orthopedics  August 8, 2017

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Three Keys to Unlocking Nursing Excellence 

Happy nurses make for healthy patients. Jill Tucker has maintained long-standing relationships with many nursing professionals, placing each specialized care worker in a setting that is ideally suited for nurse and patient. It is not unusual for returning clients to ask for, and to receive, a particular Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant that had provided care in the past. Keeping nurses active, engaged and properly situated helps Jill Tucker Nursing Services attract and retain the premier health care talent in New York and Washington DC. Three Keys to Unlocking Nursing Excellence  March 2017

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Maximizing Motivation During Recovery From Orthopedic Surgery  

There are many factors to help patients achieve a full recovery following orthopedic surgery. As this helpful article points out—don’t go it alone. Arrange for private post-operative nursing care and an experienced RN or Certified Nursing Assistant will be in your home to assist and monitor your vital signs, medication and movement. Nurses will make sure you stay safely on your path to progress, including accompanying you for follow-up visits to the doctor. Talk to Jill Tucker Nursing Services and reserve a specialized nurse or CNA to assure a rapid and thorough recovery. Maximizing Motivation During Recovery

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‘Cold Calls’: Tips for Nurses When the Patient Just Got the Bad News  

Nurses often have to make ‘cold calls’ such as assuming care for a patient newly distraught by a diagnosis, or being the first face a patient sees coming out of surgery. At times like these sensitivity and empathy are of utmost importance—the kind of traits found in the care givers of Jill Tucker Nursing Services. Maintaining professionalism while thoughtfully monitoring the nuances in each patient’s special case, the best nurses handle a ‘cold call’ with warmth, understanding and guidance. ‘Cold Calls’: Tips for Nurses When the Patient Just Got the Bad News  March 29, 2016

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