Successful Organizations Emphasize and Promote Teamwork  

Teamwork among health care professionals assures quality of care and helps reduce recovery time. Jill Tucker Nursing Services assigns nurses who have previously worked together to provide 24-hour and/or long-term team care to private clients. Nurses skilled in orthopedic surgery recovery, plastic surgery recovery or home companion care come together to provide continuous and seamless care. The nurses are experts in their field, the communication is clear, and the team acts as one to assure the full and rapid recovery of the patient. Successful Organizations Emphasize and Promote Teamwork  August 4, 2016

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What The Hospitals Of The Future Look Like  

Specialization is re-shaping the hospital industry, that’s the kind of detailed care that Jill Tucker Nursing has long practiced. Jill Tucker utilizes the most accomplished nurses – from areas such as orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation, plastic and reconstructive surgery recovery, geriatric care – and assigns each nurse based on their speciality and the particular needs of the patient. Detail-oriented and focused on providing superior nursing care: Jill Tucker specializes in supplying the most qualified nurses to assure the best patient outcome. What The Hospitals Of The Future Look Like  February 25, 2018

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