One Teen’s Journey Through Gender Confirmation Surgery  

Physicians estimate that 25 to 30 percent of transgender people have some kind of surgery as part of their transition. Nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing are experienced in providing care to transgender patients. In addition to the clinical skills required to care for patients recovering from genital surgery, breast augmentation or facial feminization, the nurses come with the necessary compassion, knowledge and positive attitude to help guide patients through a sometimes difficult recovery period. One Teen’s Journey Through Gender Confirmation Surgery  January 6, 2017

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‘Gender Confirmation Surgery’: What’s in a Name? 

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Loren S. Schecter, MD, has coined the term 'gender confirmation surgery'. Read about why he feels this term is important and how he strives to treat patients seeking this procedure.” 'Gender Confirmation Surgery': What's in a Name?   Huffington Post  April 20, 2012

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