National Health IT Week 2016 kicks off Monday  

Internet technology continues to grow as an important tool in health care innovation and great rewards are promised for the future. But a human mind is still required to interpret and prioritize data, and the human touch is still important in the patient recovery process. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services are trained in the latest technology and also have years of experience working closely and intimately with patients and their families. Arrange for nursing coverage in the home, hospital or hotel with Jill Tucker and be guaranteed thoughtful insight and hands-on care that will optimize

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10 Winter Health Myths

Jill Tucker, RN says: “From exercising in the cold to proper skin care to the need for flu vaccinations, there are many common myths associated with winter health routines. Here’s a breakdown of what beliefs ring true and what’s not worth a sniffle. And remember, you can always reach out to your friendly nurse for more healthful tips on how to weather the winter months.” 10 Winter Health Myths ROJ  January 21, 2015

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Women’s Health Harmed as Medical Studies Ignore Gender  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Woman are increasingly taking the leadership role in business as well as the home, so any medical research that discounts gender is inherently flawed. As a woman-owned and operated small business Jill Tucker Nursing Services understands the medical needs of women innately. In preparing patients (of both sexes) for surgery, and providing care during recuperation and recovery, the research at Jill Tucker Nursing is always ongoing, and is always fully inclusive.” Women’s Health Harmed as Medical Studies Ignore Gender  March 2, 2014 

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The 12 Top Health Stories of 2013  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Here's an end-of-the-year list to set your pulse racing. Headlines this year cited health care advances ranging from drastic reductions in cervical cancer in India's slums to new cures for the virus hepatitis C. These and other stories show that medical breakthroughs can continue to happen when science meets inquisitive minds.” The 12 Top Health Stories of 2013  December 4, 2013

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3 Things to Know About the New Cholesterol Guidelines  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Here is a breakdown of the important parts of the new cholesterol guidelines—the most significant changes in years. Targets are de-emphasized: don't obsess about cholesterol levels. What's important is to carefully know your risk of heart disease and stroke and choose a drug treatment that has proven to lower risk. And if you need drug therapy statins are recommended.” 3 Things to Know About the New Cholesterol Guidelines  November 12, 2013 

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Health Care Reform: A Time for “Long-Termism” 

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Hospitals need to focus on patient care first and concentrate on long-term solutions to survive as viable institutions. Short-term solutions that emphasize an immediate ROI (return-on-investment)—to preserve bond ratings—often fail to include long-term projects such as electronic medical record keeping. It took a White House directive to force hospitals to adopt electron