Private Care Recommended As Nursing Home Costs Rise

More research shows that arranging private nursing care at home can be beneficial for older adults, and less costly than care in group nursing homes. Moreover, private registered nurses with specialized skills can be chosen for a patient’s specific care needs—all nursing care is tailored and designed to address the patient’s particular health issues, guaranteeing a faster and fuller return to normal activity. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to arrange for superior nursing care in the safety of your own home. Researchers Question Home- and Community-Based Services as Nursing Home Costs Rise July 29, 2019

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More Older Adults With Joint Replacements Recover At Home, Not Rehab

Recuperating at home is a safe alternative according to recent studies. And older adults with joint replacements who were sent home with home health care services demonstrated the same level of functional improvement as those who went to a skilled nursing facility. Make plans to contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to discuss recovering from orthopedic surgery at home with personalized private nursing care. More Older Adults With Joint Replacements Recover At Home, Not Rehab March 28, 2019

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