Tips For When You Have No One To Help After Surgery

Even for minor surgeries, any procedure in which an incision and anesthesia are involved carries a risk, so being prepared for care at home is important. Consulting with Jill Tucker Nursing Services in advance of surgery will help prepare the patient with tips from diet to proper rest to specific items to have on hand at home for recuperation. A Registered Nurse can serve as an escort home and for care in the days immediately after discharge. And nurse visits can be arranged to check progress and to assure a full recovery. Call Jill Tucker

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What to Expect When Recovering From Surgery

Recovering from surgery is greatly dependent upon the type of surgery you will be having. An outpatient procedure, such as hand surgery, will have a far different recovery period than an invasive inpatient procedure. Prior to discharge, it is essential that any special requirements for returning home are addressed. To assure safe and smooth travel from the facility arrange to have a Registered Nurse as a medical escort home and to provide care in the days immediately after discharge. Regular nurse visits can followup to monitor progress and to assure a full and complete recovery.

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Tips For Recovering From Surgery

Use your preoperative time to prepare for the best postoperative results. Recovery is faster and patients have fewer complications recuperating in the safety of their own home when nursing care and checkups are arranged. Regular nurse visits can be scheduled to monitor progress and check patient’s vitals and medications. Take health matters into your own hands and arrange to have home nursing care immediately following a hospital stay. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing to schedule RN care at home. Tips for Recovering From Surgery 2023

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Care To Prevent Hip Pain After A Knee Replacement

There are many reasons the recovery period after total knee replacement surgery is very important. One reason is that because the nerves in the hip and knee joints come from the same area, pain from a knee replacement can cause hip pain. Arrange to have a Registered Nurse as an escort from the m