Is Value-based Care Making A Difference?  

Every day can be Independence Day! Be independent of the institutional health care system and get the greatest value from your health care investment. Call Jill Tucker Nursing Services to schedule home nurse visits or to arrange long term care. Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants will come to your home according to your timetable and needs. Caregivers are specifically chosen based on each patient’s medical condition—experienced nurse specialists can be assigned to recover patients who undergo any nature of surgery. Exercise your freedom of choice and contact Jill Tucker for the highest-quality home health care. Is

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Why I Got Knee Replacement Surgery and How it Helped Me Get My Life Back  

Following knee replacement surgery, the author places great value on having a caregiver in the home during recuperation. The presence of a health care professional gives the patient more time to rest and gain strength, and a nurse or CNA can assist with pain medication management, food preparation, and small tasks, allowing the patient to fully focus on a rapid and complete recovery. Why I Got Knee Replacement Surgery and How it Helped Me Get My Life Back  February 2017

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