Ensure Patient Safety In Home Healthcare

Home healthcare seeks to provide quality care in a way that honors the autonomy of a patient, accommodating their individual preferences and that of their families. Patients may be safer at home, but adverse events cannot be ruled out in any setting and there are certain aspects where the quality of care and safety become paramount. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing to arrange for a Registered Nurse to provide safe and thoughtful home recovery care following a procedure or medical issue. How To Ensure Patient Safety In Home Healthcare thehealthsite.com September 2022

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Planning For Recovery At Home After Surgery

Make arrangements in advance to have a nurse in your home following a surgical procedure. Recovery is faster and patients have fewer complications recuperating from surgery in the safety of their own home. Following full recovery, regular nurse visits can be scheduled to monitor progress and check patient’s vitals and medications. Protect yourself and your family by taking health matters into your own hands. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing to schedule RN care at home. How to Plan for Recovery at Home After Surgery webmd.com 2022

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