Being Treated At Home Can Help People Heal Faster

People check into the hospital expecting to get better, but there are risks — and some even wind up getting sicker. Arrange for an experienced registered nurse to be by your side immediately following your hospital admission. Studies show treatment at home may be safer, and less expensive, that hospital stays, with lower rates of readmission. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing for private nurse coverage that assures your healing progress continues uninterrupted after leaving the hospital and returning home. Being Treated At Home Can Help People Save Money And Heal Faster 2021

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From The ER To Inpatient Care — At Home  

Healthcare professionals increasingly are recommending that patients receive treatment at home – as an alternative to hospital visits and hospital stays. After surgery or a procedure, patients can consider using a specialized private nurse from Jill Tucker Nursing to provide complete care during the recovery period – in the comfort and cleanliness of the patient’s home. Avoid the complications and potential issues that come with extended time spent in the hospital and contact Jill Tucker to arrange for an experienced Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant for one-on-one superb, personalized care at home. From The ER

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