What The Hospitals Of The Future Look Like  

Specialization is re-shaping the hospital industry, that’s the kind of detailed care that Jill Tucker Nursing has long practiced. Jill Tucker utilizes the most accomplished nurses – from areas such as orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation, plastic and reconstructive surgery recovery, geriatric care – and assigns each nurse based on their speciality and the particular needs of the patient. Detail-oriented and focused on providing superior nursing care: Jill Tucker specializes in supplying the most qualified nurses to assure the best patient outcome. What The Hospitals Of The Future Look Like WSJ.com  February 25, 2018

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Best Hospitals For Orthopedics  

Jill Tucker began her nursing career at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, working alongside the best orthopedic surgeons and nurses to provide care to patients undergoing a number of surgical procedures. Today, Jill Tucker Nursing Services draws from the pool of nursing talent currently affiliated with HSS, recently ranked as the top Adult Orthopedics Hospital in the country. Patients recovering from orthopedic surgery seeking private care from the most experienced nurses in New York City can contact Jill Tucker to make arrangements. Best Hospitals For Orthopedics Health.USNews.com  August 8, 2017

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The Future of Health Care: Hacking, Hospitals, Technology and More  

Advances in health technology continue at a breathtaking pace, but even the experts agree that an element of the “human touch” should be part of the patient/care-provider experience. After the big data has been downloaded, and the screen refreshed, the personal care and concern provided by a Registered Nurse, or a Certified Nursing Assistant, is the treatment that no machine can duplicate. Concierge Nursing is part of the future of health care; fine tuning care for special needs and conditions, while still drawing on the great tradition of hands-on nursing. The Future of Health Care: Hacking,

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Hospitals Fail To Protect Nursing Staff From Becoming Patients  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Patients continue to benefit from advances in medicine, but technology is just slowly making its way into the traditional hospital room setting. RN’s and Nursing Assistants suffer more back injuries than almost any other occupation. Only now are hospitals including patient lifting equipment in new room designs.Nurses do a lot, from wound care to dispensing medication to moving patients of all sizes and shapes. Hospitals need to make the investment in nurses health and purchase the necessary equipment that nurses need for their profession. Speak with Jill Tucker at Jill Tucker Nursing

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No Nurses on Your Hospital Board? Why Not?  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Can you imagine if the Boards of Trustees at our nation's colleges and universities had little or no faculty representation among its members? Yet in our hospitals, only 6% of Board members nationwide are nurses. The reasons for underrepresentation are many—the old boys networks, blatant oversight, and even class warfare that questions whether nurses are affluent enough to sit alongside bankers and lawyers on Boards of Directors. But nurses brings so much to the table—experience, insight, and a genuine concern for the institution of the hospital—that they deserve not just one Board seat,

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