Hospital Stay Confusion As ‘Stressful As Buying A Home’

Nearly half of all hospital patients feel there is not enough support for those going to hospitals, causing stress, confusion and feelings of isolation. Today’s hospital stays are shorter and not always very hospitable. Arrange for an experienced nursing professional to be by your side in the hospital, as your protector and advocate, during your stay. After discharge a nurse can accompany you home and continue care to assure a smooth, safe, and full recovery. Contact Jill Tucker directly to schedule private nursing care during and after your next hospital visit. Hospital Stay Confusion As

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Empathy Empowers Nurses To Care For Patients  

With one-on-one nursing care from Jill Tucker Nursing Services patients are guaranteed full-time attention and care from an experienced healthcare professional. The nurse not only performs important tasks like checking vital signs, monitoring nutritional intake and overseeing medication usage, but also provides an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. The nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing demonstrate by their actions that empathy and compassion are part of the recipe for a full and successful recovery. Empathy Empowers Nurses To Care For Patients  September 25, 2018

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