Employee Screenings For Safe Work Environment

Registered nurses can be mobilized to screen employees and visitors at corporate entrances and designated checkpoints. Nurses can read temperatures, assess individuals on symptoms, and use testing kit as necessary. Onsite assessment by the nurse professional can allow companies and organizations to proceed safely with employee and visitor engagement. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange nurses for on-location health testing.

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Nurse Engagement Drives Better Patient Experience

Communication, compassion and caring have always been at the heart of Jill Tucker Nursing Services. Jill works personally with each patient – closely engaging with the patient, and their family if necessary, to determine health history, current health needs, and any potential issues with possible recovery outcomes. Information and knowledge is passed along to the nurses who do the hands-on caring – specialized nurses with years of experience providing astute medical observations, keen nursing insight, and the warmth of a dedicated caregiver. Pushing for Nurse Engagement To Drive Better Patient Experience Patientengagementhit.com Feb 2020

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