Sign-out Nurse For Safe Transfer Home

Arrange for a nurse as an escort and sign-out from a hospital or doctor’s office, as well as to accompany you to your home or hotel room. RN’s from Jill Tucker will ask the necessary questions at your sign-out and ascertain all your recovery needs including medication administration and management of drains, IV tubing and catheters. Nurses can be scheduled for routine follow-up visits to check patient wellness and observe vital signs. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to arrange a nurse escort today.

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Nurse Escort For Safe Travels

Hospitals and doctor’s offices move fast when releasing patients —so it is imperative to have the best nursing care to assure safe and smooth travel from the facility. Arrange to have a Registered Nurse as a medical escort home and to provide care in the days immediately after discharge. Regular nurse visits can followup as the need for post-operative care decreases. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing to organize safe private care coverage from the medical office to the home.

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