The Role Of The Nurse As Patient Advocate 

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the healthcare system. Arrange to have an experienced Registered Nurse to be your advocate, advisor, and “well-being protector”. Whether waiting in an Emergency Room, admitted to a hospital room or simply visiting a doctor, having a patient-advocate, who is well-versed in the detail and procedures surrounding modern institutional healthcare, can make your patient experience more valuable and rewarding. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to schedule a nurse patient-advocate to be by your side for all of your important healthcare procedures. The Role Of The Nurse As Patient Advocate  July 18,

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What IVF Really Feels Like 

Registered nurses trained in IVF treatment, and experienced working with IVF patients, will allay fears and concerns surrounding the in vitro fertilization experience. One nurse is assigned for daily home visits to administer shots, per the shot schedule, for as many days as required, as well as the trigger shot. Knowledgeable nurses will answer questions and address any issues, assisting the patient each day on the steps leading to a successful pregnancy. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange a private nurse to provide professional and thoughtful guidance through the entire IVF process. What IVF Really Feels

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Nursing’s Ethical Commitment To Effective Patient Communication  

Jill Tucker nurses have followed this rule for the entirety of their careers: Use compassion and empathy, along with an acute acquired intelligence, to be fully sensitive to a patient’s cultural beliefs, values and language. Working within the country’s most renowned health care institutions, highly experienced nurses from Tucker Nursing Services understand that communication and engagement with the patient facilitates a smooth and rapid recovery, and strengthens the healing bond between the patient and caregiver. Nursing’s Ethical Commitment To Effective Patient Communication

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‘Cold Calls’: Tips for Nurses When the Patient Just Got the Bad News  

Nurses often have to make ‘cold calls’ such as assuming care for a patient newly distraught by a diagnosis, or being the first face a patient sees coming out of surgery. At times like these sensitivity and empathy are of utmost importance—the kind of traits found in the care givers of Jill Tucker Nursing Services. Maintaining professionalism while thoughtfully monitoring the nuances in each patient’s special case, the best nurses handle a ‘cold call’ with warmth, understanding and guidance. ‘Cold Calls’: Tips for Nurses When the Patient Just Got the Bad News  March 29, 2016

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The Patient Wish List  

Concierge patient care has always been a priority at Jill Tucker Nursing. Catering to the exacting needs and requirements of a specialized clientele has established our service as the nation’s leading boutique nursing agency. Hospitals are only now learning about the thoughtful patient care that Jill Tucker has practiced for over 30 years. Dozens of testimonials attest to the quality of the patient experience provided by Jill Tucker Nursing Services. The Patient Wish List US   October 15, 2015

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