Empathy Empowers Nurses To Care For Patients  

With one-on-one nursing care from Jill Tucker Nursing Services patients are guaranteed full-time attention and care from an experienced healthcare professional. The nurse not only performs important tasks like checking vital signs, monitoring nutritional intake and overseeing medication usage, but also provides an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. The nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing demonstrate by their actions that empathy and compassion are part of the recipe for a full and successful recovery. Empathy Empowers Nurses To Care For Patients Nurse.com  September 25, 2018

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Report: Some Hospital Infection Rates Too High  

When additional care is needed following a procedure in a hospital, consider arranging for a private nurse to provide care in your home and skip that extended hospital stay. The private care is one-on-one in the comfort and safety of your own home; the nurse is specifically chosen based on your medical recovery needs. Avoid the dangers of a hospital stay and contact Jill Tucker Nursing to arrange private home care after your surgery or procedure. Report: Some Hospital Infection Rates Too High SanDiegoTribune.com  February 3, 2018

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How Nurses Are Caring For Their Communities  

Nurses have an innate tendency to care it’s what they do. So it’s not surprising that nurses find time in their busy lives to volunteer in their communities, spreading cheer and good will outside of the hospital and home setting. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services understand the importance of community—coming together and caring about the people and places closest to them. During Nurses Week please remember how nurses have the ability to make everything look and feel better. How Nurses Are Caring For Their Communities RWJF.org  May 8, 2017

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The Importance Of Response Time In The Service Industry  

Response time can be critical in dealing with health-related issues. Knowing that an experienced nurse can be by your side within the hour can bring immediate relief and comfort to an individual and a family. Jill Tucker Nursing’s private network of nurse professionals, assembled over 30 years from the ranks of New York City’s finest healthcare workers, are available 24 hours a day to assess health care needs, provide to-the-moment care, and impart important information. Jill Tucker Nursing Services are in New York and Washington DC for timely and considered home nursing care. The Importance

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Three Keys to Unlocking Nursing Excellence 

Happy nurses make for healthy patients. Jill Tucker has maintained long-standing relationships with many nursing professionals, placing each specialized care worker in a setting that is ideally suited for nurse and patient. It is not unusual for returning clients to ask for, and to receive, a particular Registered Nurse or Certified Nursing Assistant that had provided care in the past. Keeping nurses active, engaged and properly situated helps Jill Tucker Nursing Services attract and retain the premier health care talent in New York and Washington DC. Three Keys to Unlocking Nursing Excellence Healthleadersmedia.com  March 2017

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