What Is A Concierge Nursing Service?

There are many advantages if you hire a concierge for your time and convenience. As many Americans move towards concierge health care, where they will get superior personalized care in the safety and comfort of their own home, Jill Tucker Nursing Services is prepared to provide complete professional care based on over three decades practicing concierge nursing. Speak to Jill to arrange for a visit from a registered nurse, who can take your vitals and provide an overall health assessment. Jill and her specialized staff of nurses are available at any time of the day

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Helping Patients Prep Mind And Body For Surgery Pays Off

Prehabilitation is practiced by Jill Tucker to prepare patients in the weeks leading up to a procedure. Jill engages with each patient and provides the necessary information regarding nutrition, post-surgical expectations, and goal-setting. Tests confirm the kind of positive-thinking approach used by Jill Tucker Nursing Services reduces overall costs and gets patients home faster following surgery. Helping patients prep mind and body for surgery pays off Sciencedaily.comĀ Jan 2020

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