Private Nursing To Combat Hospital Shortages

31 percent of nurses still say they may leave their current direct patient care jobs in the next year, according to a recent survey. Reach out to Jill to arrange for an experienced registered nurse to be your health care advocate in the hospital, dedicated solely to your care and recovery. Jill can draw from her specialized staff of nurses to be in the facility at your bedside for full and complete coverage. Don’t let hospital and health care worker shortages affect the quality of your care and jeopardize your recovery. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing

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Why Nurses Matter Now More Than Ever

Nurse Advocates and Nurse Navigators play an ever expanding role in health care. Nurse Advocates and Nurse Navigators assist you to maximize your time recovering in hospitals and to assure your coverage and wellbeing during your stay. Jill Tucker and her nursing team will assure that you are fully represented before, during and after your procedure. Contact Jill Tucker to schedule nursing care before your next procedure. Why Nurses Matter Now More Than Ever May 7, 2019

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