Private Medical Concierge Services Are Catching On Nationwide

Many Americans are moving towards concierge medical care, where they know they will get superior personalized care, often in the safety and comfort of their own home. Jill Tucker Nursing Services has been practicing private concierge nursing care for three decades. Speak to Jill to arrange for a visit from a registered nurse, who can take your vitals and provide an overall health assessment. More importantly Jill and her specialized staff of nurses will be available at any time of the day or night when immediate care is needed. Contact Jill Tucker to discuss complete

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Is Value-based Care Making A Difference?  

Every day can be Independence Day! Be independent of the institutional health care system and get the greatest value from your health care investment. Call Jill Tucker Nursing Services to schedule home nurse visits or to arrange long term care. Registered Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants will come to your home according to your timetable and needs. Caregivers are specifically chosen based on each patient’s medical condition—experienced nurse specialists can be assigned to recover patients who undergo any nature of surgery. Exercise your freedom of choice and contact Jill Tucker for the highest-quality home health care. Is

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National Health IT Week 2016 kicks off Monday  

Internet technology continues to grow as an important tool in health care innovation and great rewards are promised for the future. But a human mind is still required to interpret and prioritize data, and the human touch is still important in the patient recovery process. The nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services are trained in the latest technology and also have years of experience working closely and intimately with patients and their families. Arrange for nursing coverage in the home, hospital or hotel with Jill Tucker and be guaranteed thoughtful insight and hands-on care that will optimize

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Overcoming Family Dynamics  

Private nursing care at home requires the nurse to maintain a balance between the immediate needs of the patient and the pressing concerns of the family. The best nurses are professional and composed, tending to the patient while understanding and adjusting to the family dynamics. With a priority on patient care and recovery, the top RN’s and CNA’s comfort the family, keep a level head and an ear out, and foster a healthy and harmonious environment for a rapid and complete recovery. Overcoming Family Dynamics  February 16, 2016

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The Case for Having Halloween Candy – and Eating It Too  

Maintaining healthy and balanced eating habits year-round leaves room for the occasional treat—and not only on Halloween. When establishing eating habits, try to avoid labels like “good” or “bad” food. Instead consider “everyday” or “sometimes” as more flexible labels that allow for a sweet treat, even on a regular basis. Studies show, as this thoughtful article points out, that overly restrictive eating guidelines often lead to the opposite intended results—overeating and binge eating. Enjoy a “sometimes” treat this holiday, as long as “everyday” foods remain on the table. The Case for Having Halloween Candy –

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