Specialist Nurses For Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

Bone and joint surgeries are among the most common procedures in America. Jill Tucker Nursing Services has a deep staff of experienced nurses, each with special skills in post-surgical care. Contact Jill today to be matched with a nurse fully prepared to provide the precise care needed for the fastest and healthiest surgery recovery. Nurses can escort the patient from facility to home and provide all of the necessary extended care including pain management and organization of medicines. Types Of Orthopedic Surgeries March, 2021

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Post-Operative Care: Activity, Incision Care, Rehab and Recovery

Post-operative recovery from spinal surgery can be involved—from issues of nutrition to ambulation to surgical incision care. Nurses from Jill Tucker Nursing are experienced in caring for patients rehabilitating from orthopedic surgeries, starting by accompanying patients home from the hospital, assuring their comfort and overseeing a thorough recovery program. Keeping patients ambulating speeds healing, encourages blood flow and reduces the possibility of blood clots. Surgical dressing, stitches and incisions are monitored as healing progresses. And nurses can work with PT professionals to help patients build strength and increase movement. Post-Operative Care: Activity, Incision Care, Rehab and

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