Pre-Surgery Tips To Boost Recovery

Preparing for a surgical procedure helps the patient during both the surgery itself and the recovery period. Consulting with Jill Tucker Nursing Services in advance of surgery will help prepare the patient with tips from diet to proper rest to specific items to have on hand at home for recuperation. A Registered Nurse can serve as an escort home and for care in the days immediately after discharge. And nurse visits can be arranged to check progress and to assure a full recovery. Call Jill Tucker for complete private nurse coverage. Pre-Surgery Tips To Boost

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After-Surgery Care Set To Resume

Elective surgery is set to re-start in many of the nation’s health facilities. Arrange for an experienced registered nurse to provide care immediately following your procedure. In addition, the nurse will accompany the transfer to a home setting and will assure that your healing progress continues uninterrupted. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services for nursing care following your next operation or hospital stay.

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