How High-Tech Thermal Cameras Can Reduce Falls, Streamline Workflows For Nurses  

Technology continues to transform healthcare and offer much-needed assistance to harried nurses. However, machines will still not be able to replicate the natural intuitiveness and the trained eye of an experienced nurse. Arrange for a RN or a CNA from Jill Tucker Nursing Services to be at your bedside in the hospital, and at home, to assure a safe and worry-free recovery. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange for nursing care following an operation or surgical procedure and experience complete and natural healing that only a human touch can provide. How High-Tech Thermal Cameras Can Reduce Falls, Streamline

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Technology stripped a human touch from our lives. Can innovation bring it back?  

This weekend’s Kentucky Derby will see the debut of a ‘robot’ bartender, yet another sign of automation’s continued creep into our daily lives. In a society where speaking with another human is rapidly becoming a luxury, it’s reassuring to know that a phone call to Jill Tucker Nursing Services will put you directly in touch with Jill Tucker—a registered nurse with the wealth of knowledge that comes with 30+ years of experience working in New York’s premier medical institutions. No automation, no menu selection, no waiting. Jill Tucker Nursing: concierge health care that still has the

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