Three Favorite Nursing Trends Of 2013  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “During 2013, nurses continued to rise to the challenges presented in the new healthcare landscape. One of the notable trends in nursing this past year was care-centered 'positive deviance', where nurses go outside normal procedures to find new and better ways to improve patient care.” Three Favorite Nursing Trends Of 2013  December 17, 2013

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8 IT Healthcare Trends for Tech Job Seekers in 2013 

Jill Tucker, RN says: “Healthcare information technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, providing exciting job opportunities for tech-oriented individuals who want to make a difference in healthcare. While issues ranging from privacy to network infrastructure remain, it is clear we have entered a new age of medical assessment, care and monitoring. But after all the data is collected and the screens have dimmed, there will still be a need for flesh-and-blood human contact that only an experienced healthcare professional can provide.” 8 IT Healthcare Trends for Tech Job Seekers in 2013  November 13,

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