Why Is the U.S. Perpetually Short of Nurses?  

The nursing shortage is a continuing issue, but do not let that affect the care you receive. In a hospital setting, take control of your own care and arrange for a private nurse to be bedside at all times. Jill Tucker Nursing routinely places nursing professionals in private hospital rooms. Don’t let institutional staffing shortages keep you from the full and thorough recovery you deserve, consider a private nurse today for your hospital stay tomorrow. Why Is the U.S. Perpetually Short of Nurses? The New Yorker.com   November 3, 2015

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A Few Good Women: U.S. Female Veterans With PTSD Are Getting Better Care  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “U.S. female veterans suffer post-traumatic stress disorders at the same rate as male veterans—but female veterans seek care in the VA system at only half the rate of men. Much of the women’s PTSD issues are related to military sexual trauma. Compounding the situation, many female veterans are uncomfortable at aging VA facilities, feeling they are returning to the institution in which they were assaulted. Fortunately the VA recognizes this issue and is working to ease women into the system. Every VA medical center now has a military sexual trauma coordinator, and

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Number of Male U.S. Nurses Triple Since 1970  

Jill Tucker, RN says: “As the percentage of males who opt for elective surgery continues to grow, so too does the demand for male nurses. Male patients recovering from surgery may prefer male nurses for privacy reasons and feel more comfortable interacting with the same gender.” Number of Male U.S. Nurses Triple Since 1970 CBSNews.com  February 26, 2013 

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