Concierge Service Tapping Into A Market Set To Grow Substantially 

Concierge services continue to grow, catering to the demanding needs of important clientele. Many of these new services simply add ‘concierge’ to their business description–akin to mere window dressing. With over 20 years of experience providing specialized, high-end nursing care for patients that range from executives to celebrities to royalty, Jill Tucker Nursing has been engaging in the business of concierge care long before the term was ever in vogue. Contact Jill Tucker to arrange for discrete and superior care from her select staff of nurses and heath care professionals. Concierge Service Tapping Into A Market Set

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‘Concierge Care’ Provides a Patient-First Health Benefits Approach  

Concierge health care is a term that has arisen the past few years as patient requirements have evolved. But long before the term became mainstream Jill Tucker has been practicing this nature of nursing care. For over 30 years Jill Tucker Nursing Services has worked closely with patients, families and executive assistants, hand-picking each specialized nurse and organizing care and treatment that follows the exacting needs of the client. Patients have direct access to Jill Tucker during the entirety of the planning and recuperation, secure with the knowledge that their healthcare is being meticulously monitored and carefully