Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Tips: Navigating the Healing Process

Orthopedic surgeries are among the most common surgical procedures today. An experienced Registered Nurses at Jill Tucker Nursing Services, with specialized skills in orthopedic, post-operative care, can be arranged to provide care immediately following your procedure. Nurses can escort the patient from facility to home and provide all of the necessary extended care including pain management, organization of medicines and exercise routines. Contact Jill for experienced care following your next operation or hospital stay. Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Tips Medium.com January 2024

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About 2% Of Babies Born In The US Are From IVF

Arrange for the experienced nurses of Jill Tucker to gently and confidently guide you through the IVF process. Contact Jill Tucker Nursing Services to arrange for a Registered Nurse to administer an IVF injection in the security and comfort of your home. Jill has scheduled nurses for IVF patients for nearly 20 years and she and her nurses are familiar with the protocol and medications, and possess the inside knowledge needed to assist patients during this phase of the in vitro fertilization process. Nurses are scheduled according to the patient’s timetable and requirements. Speak to

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Tips For When You Have No One To Help After Surgery

Even for minor surgeries, any procedure in which an incision and anesthesia are involved carries a risk, so being prepared for care at home is important. Consulting with Jill Tucker Nursing Services in advance of surgery will help prepare the patient with tips from diet to proper rest to specific items to have on hand at home for recuperation. A Registered Nurse can serve as an escort home and for care in the days immediately after discharge. And nurse visits can be arranged to check progress and to assure a full recovery. Call Jill Tucker